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How do I comment on a planning application


You can comment on or object to any current planning application marked 'pending'.

Please note: any comments supplied to us will be available for public inspection.

How do I comment on a planning application?

You can comment on a planning application using our planning application search, select make a comment on this application, at the top of the page.

View our planning application search

You can also email us at or by writing to us at Planning department, Preston City Council, Town Hall, Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 2RL. 

What should I include?

Comments submitted by any of these methods must include the following:

  • date
  • application number
  • address of proposed development

Please note: You must also include your name, postal address and email address if you wish to be contacted for further commenting should any later changes to the proposal be submitted.

Points to consider

  • if you send a comment online or via email you do not need to send us a hard copy in the post. Both electronic and written comments are processed in the same way
  • by law, any comments you make about an application must be made public. Members of the public, including the applicant, will be able to read or get copies of any comments you send to us

Who can comment?

Anyone can make a comment. You do not need to live near the application site or have received a letter from us to comment.

How do I find out about an application?

We publicise planning applications by writing to close neighbours of the site.

You can use our planning application search at any time. We also publish a weekly list of planning applications which you can view on the weekly lists page.

Some applications are advertised in the local press and/or by a site notice displayed on or near the application site.

How long do I have to comment?

A period of 24 days is stated on any site notice, press notice and neighbour notification letter. At the end of this statutory period a decision may be made on an application. Because of this we cannot guarantee to take into consideration comments received after that date. We will, however, take into account comments received up to the date a decision is made.

How can I look at an application?

You can inspect planning applications including application forms, drawings and other relevant information through our planning application search.

Comments which can be taken into account

A decision is made by considering a number of different matters called material considerations

The most important will be what policies of the development plan for the area may say about the proposal. The Development Plan documents includes:

Government Policy, advice notes, supplementary planning documents and other planning considerations will also be taken into account.

These include:

  • scale, appearance and design of the proposal
  • impact on the residential amenity of local residents including loss of light
  • overlooking and loss of privacy, noise and disturbance
  • impact on the character of the area and whether the use is appropriate
  • effect on highway safety and parking
  • effect on nature conservation and trees
  • effect on a Conservation Area
  • effect on a Listed Building

Comments which cannot be taken into account

The government makes it very clear that there are some things that are not planning considerations. These cannot be taken into account and include:

  • loss of property value
  • boundary disputes
  • private matters between neighbours, such as covenants, rights of access and damage to property
  • trade competition

Local support or opposition

Local opposition in itself is not a reason for refusing planning permission. Opposition should be based on valid planning reasons, which can be supported by evidence.

These will be considered alongside other planning matters such as planning policies, government guidance and advice, and the views of a wide variety of bodies and authorities, which we are obliged to consult.

Weight of local opposition to a scheme does not necessarily mean that an application should be refused.

Similarly, local support for a scheme does not mean that planning permission should be granted.

What happens when I comment on an application?

We are unable to acknowledge the receipt of comments, nor can we enter into correspondence with you on any points raised.

Planning applications may be determined either by senior officers or by the Planning Committee. Your comments will be taken into account whichever method is used.

Any written representations received will be taken into account when the application is determined. They will also be made available for public inspection and this includes the applicant.

In the event of an appeal any comments you make will be copied to the Planning Inspectorate, who may publish your comments on the Internet.

Please ensure you only provide information that you are happy to have made available to others.

Viewing comments on a planning application

Any comments made on a planning application are available for public inspection.

If the comment is made through one of our consultees such as English Heritage or County Highways the comments can be viewed through our planning application search.

If the comment has been made by a neighbour or other interested party you can ask us to email or post the comments to you by contacting us on the contact details below.

Getting help and advice - Planning Aid England

Planning Aid England (PAE) offers free, independent planning advice and assistance for individuals and community groups. They believe everyone should have the opportunity to get involved planning their local area, and provide people with the knowledge and tools to do this.

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