Trade specific information
Health and safety information you need for your business.
Accident reporting
A guide for reporting accidents in the workplace.
Workplace health and safety
How to manage a better, healthier workplace.
Smoke free Preston
Find out about the smoke free law.
Occupational safety
Find out about safety and accident prevention.
Information on why, when and how we undertake inspections.
Health and safety enforcement actions
Press releases for prosecutions undertaken by the Health and Safety Regulation Team.
Making complaints to the Health and Safety Team
How complaints to the Health and Safety Team are made and looked into.
Health and safety for your new business
Your legal responsibility to protect the health and safety of your staff and customers.
Information and advice on asbestos.
Cooling towers
Information and advice on registering a cooling tower.
Coronavirus - Advice for Employers and Employees
Advice on if your business should be open and your employees rights.