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Planning decisions

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To view a decision for a planning application please visit our planning application search.

View the Planning application search

About the Planning decision

The decision can be found in the search results along with other information relating to the planning application. It will clearly state whether planning permission is 'pending' 'granted' or 'refused'.

Further details about the decision can be found in the decision notice document. To find the decision notice:

  • Search for the application using the planning application search
  • click on the application reference number
  • scroll to the application documents section at the bottom of the page and select the 'Decision notice' document

Please note that applications submitted before 2009 may not have accompanying documents attached.

When will a decision be made?

Usually an application will be dealt with within 8 weeks (or 13 weeks for a larger scale scheme).

If a decision takes longer after receiving an application, then the reason will be explained to the applicant on request. However, in most cases, the applicant will already be aware of this as a result of discussions.

What happens after a decision has been made?

Unless otherwise stated, development can begin at any time within three years of the date of the permission. However, details set out in the conditions must be agreed beforehand.

Often other approvals are needed before work can start, such as covenants on a property or building regulations.

If these approvals bring significant changes to a scheme, then a new planning permission may be needed. 

To find out whether you need other approvals after a decision has been made please visit Do I need building regulations?

Planning appeals

All applicants have the right to make planning appeals against refusals or conditions imposed that they do not agree with.

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