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Council Tax discounts and reductions

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An image relating to Single occupier discount
Find out about single occupier discount.
An image relating to Reduction for disabilities
Information on reductions for occupants with disabilities.
An image relating to Council Tax exemptions
Find out about Council Tax exemptions.
An image relating to Empty properties
Information on paying Council Tax for empty properties.
An image relating to Moving into a Nursing or Care Home
Reductions on Council Tax for those moving into care elsewhere.
An image relating to Severe mental impairment
Apply for a Council Tax exemptions if you live with someone who is severely mentally impaired.
An image relating to Student discount
Information and how to apply for student discounts on Council Tax.
An image relating to Apprentices Council Tax discount
Find out about Apprentices Council Tax Discount.
An image relating to Child benefit discount
Information and how to apply for Child benefit discount.
An image relating to Carers discounts
Find out about reductions on Council Tax if your property has an employed carer.
An image relating to Residential Care Workers discount
Information on Council Tax reductions for those providing care or support.
An image relating to Members of religious communities
Find out about Council Tax reductions for buildings of religious occupation.
An image relating to People in prison
Find out about Council Tax reductions if an occupant goes to prison or is detained.

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