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Duty of care - managing your business waste

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All businesses are required by law to manage and dispose of their waste responsibly.

Please note: It is an offence to put waste or recycling from a business into a domestic bin, or to take it to a recycling centre (tip).

How do I meet this responsibility?

You should meet this responsibility by ensuring:

  • waste is contained in suitable containers so it cannot escape
  • waste is stored securely against unauthorised removal waste is only transported and handled by authorised people and the site it is taken to is authorised to accept it (see our business waste and recycling collection)
  • written description and transfer notes for the waste is kept as a record for 2 years

Apply for our waste collection service

The easiest way to ensure your waste is managed and disposed of responsibly is to apply for our business waste and recycling collection.

What happens if I don't manage my waste responsibly?

If you fail to comply with your legal responsibilities, you will be issued a section 47 notice with instructions on how to store, dispose and present your waste for collection.

Fixed Penalty Notices

If you do not follow instructions on the section 47 notice, a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80 is issued.

You have 14 days to pay. If the notice is not paid within this time, we will begin legal action through the magistrates court. In court the maximum penalty is a £1000 fine with court costs.

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