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Business waste and recycling collection

Wheeled bin

We provide business waste collection services for local businesses in Preston.

What waste can we collect?

  • General waste (including food waste)
  • Recycling waste (Paper/cardboard, plastic bottles/tins/glass bottles and jars - including plastic tubs, pots, trays)
  • Green waste

When are the collections?

Our service is very flexible. You can request collections up to six times a week for different types of waste.

Waste collections will take place between 7am - 3pm.

Where should I leave my waste for collection?

Waste will be collected from an agreed pick up point. Where possible, pick up points will be tailored to meet your needs.

Please note: we will only pick up rubbish inside the container. Any extra rubbish left around the container will not be collected.

How is the waste collected?

You can choose to have your waste collected in either containers or pre-paid sacks.


Our containers range from the standard two wheeled bins up to the larger four wheeled metal euro bins which come in a variety of sizes. Lockable lids are provided as a standard.


  • 240 Litres (approximately 3 - 4 black bags)
  • 360 Litres (approximately 5 - 6 black bags)
  • 660 Litres (approximately 10 black bags)
  • 820 Litres (approximately 15 black bags)
  • 1100 Litres (approximately 20 black bags)


Price is based on container size and the number of containers and/or collections required.

We will contact you to discuss the service and price once your application has been submitted.

How to apply?

To apply complete the following online form:

Business waste collection - containers

Please note: this service is valid for a year (running April to March). We will contact you to update your duty of care and contract before the end of this period.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your request, you will be contacted within 5 working days to discuss the service and price and make all of the necessary arrangements to get your waste collections started.

Once you are happy with the terms, a contract will then be issued requiring your signature before your bins are delivered and collections start.


Pre-paid sacks are a good choice for businesses that do not create a lot of waste or have limited storage space.

Quantity and price

See prices below for our gold sacks:

  • 50 sacks - £126.00
  • 100 sacks - £252.00
  • 150 sacks - £378.00
  • 200 sacks - £504.00
  • 250 sacks - £630.00
  • 300 sacks - £756.00
  • 350 sacks - £882.00
  • 400 sacks - £1008.00
  • 450 sacks - £1134.00
  • 500 sacks - £1260.00

Please note: we offer discounted gold sack orders for charities. For more information on prices and how to make an order contact waste management on 01772 906221.

How to order and pay?

Complete the following online payment form:

Business waste collection (sacks) payment form

What happens next?

On purchasing the sacks you will be issued with information on how to start your collections.

Delivery is available and can take up to 5 days.

Deliveries will be made anytime between 7.30am and 2pm. Delivery is £5 per order. Alternatively, you can collect your sack orders from the Town Hall. The Town Hall reception is open for collections only between 9am and 5pm Monday - Friday, other services may not be available. There is no charge for collection from the Town Hall.

Map Address for Preston City Council Town Hall

Preston City Council, Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 2RL

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