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Regularisation application guidance notes


These notes are for general guidance only.

Full particulars of a "Regularisation" are contained in Regulation 18 of the Building Regulations 2010 (as amended) and in respect of fees, in the Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010.

Your details

The Applicant is the person on whose behalf the work is being carried out, for example the buildings owner.

What information is required to complete the application?

One copy only of this application form should be completed and submitted with:

  • A block plan to a scale of not less than 1:1250
  • Scale plans and particulars indicating the works carried out and the location in the buildings where they have been done.
  • Additional plans (as necessary) showing any extra work needed to make the works carried out complying with the Regulations.


A Regularisation application must be accompanied by the appropriate fee, which is charged at the rate of the normal fee payable (had the works not otherwise already been carried out) plus 40% (VAT is not payable).

The appropriate fee is dependant on the type of work carried out. Fees, scales and methods of calculations are set out in the Building regulation fees.

What might the Council ask me to do?

The Council may require an applicant to take such reasonable steps, including laying open unauthorised work for inspection, making tests and taking samples as the Council think appropriate to ascertain what work, if any, is required to secure compliance with the relevant regulations.

Persons who have carried out the building work or have made a material change of use of a building are reminded that permission may also have been required under the Town and Country Planning Act.

Additional information

A "Regularisation Certificate" may only be issued once the Council are satisfied that all the relevant Regulations have been complied with.

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