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Future provision of green infrastructure

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Further green infrastructure provision will be encouraged to extend the existing green infrastructure network. New green corridors are to link to the existing wider green infrastructure network and adjoining urban areas and to act as vital buffers to deliver separation spaces between urban areas and maintain the natural attractiveness of Preston.

Areas of Separation

The Core Strategy has identified three Areas of Separation within Preston to protect the character and identity of settlements that are only separated by a small area of Open Countryside from a neighbouring settlement.

To help maintain the openness of these areas of countryside and the quality and distinctiveness of these settlements, the Core Strategy identifies where Areas of Separation are needed. It should be noted that Policy EN1 (Development in the Open Countryside) also applies in the Areas of Separation, as shown on the policies map.

Areas of Major Open Space

Two locations have been identified within the Preston urban boundary where Areas of Major Open Space are valued as part of the local green infrastructure. These spaces help to maintain visual amenity and landscape character, safeguard environmental and open space resources and help protect Central Lancashire as a place with room to breathe whilst helping to maintain the distinctiveness of the adjoining neighbourhoods.

Policy EN5 - Areas of Major Open Space

Areas of Major Open Space, as shown on the Policies Map which can be downloaded from the documents section on this page, are designated within the Preston urban boundary in particular areas between:

  • Ingol/Tanterton and Greyfriars/Cadley
  • Sharoe Green and Fulwood

Development within the Areas of Major Open Space will not be permitted unless the following criteria are satisfied:

  • a) the provisions of Policy EN2 - Protection of Existing Green Infrastructure are fulfilled;
  • b) development complements and does not compromise the retention within the Area of Major Open Space of a full size 18 hole golf course (unless it can be demonstrated that a need no longer exists for such provision in accordance with NPPF Paragraph 74)
  • c) development complements and does not compromise the Area of Major Open Space for other leisure and recreational purposes
  • d) the proposal does not detrimentally affect the visual amenity, landscape amenity, landscape character or nature conservation value of the open space/Area of Major Open Space
  • e) the identity of the neighbourhoods/urban communities is maintained

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