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Food hygiene rating re-inspection

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As the food business operator you have a right to request a re-visit for the purpose of re-rating your premises. Re- inspections allow you to request a re-inspection of your premises to determine compliance with food hygiene law and re-rate the score you received on your last Food Hygiene Inspection.

When can I request a re-inspection?

A food business operator (FBO) can request a re-inspection;

  1. when a business has received a food hygiene inspection and received a Food Hygiene Rating of between 0-4
  2. when they have carried out the required improvements to resolve non-compliance's identified in the report sent by the Food Inspector following the last inspection
  3. whenever they have complied with item 2, there are no time limits. There is no longer a '3 month stand still period'.

For more advice on how to improve your rating see achieving a high food hygiene rating score.

How can I request a re-inspection?

To apply for a re-inspection complete the following online form and paying the re-inspection fee of £179.

Before you complete the application you must ensure that you have undertaken the required improvements and are able to demonstrate that upon application. You will be required to refer to your letter/schedule of works sent following your last food hygiene inspection.

Ensure that you have electronics copies of records or photographs to upload as part of your application. For example if you were told to re-paint a wall, send a photograph of the newly painted wall! If you were asked to complete documentation send a legible copy or photograph of the completed documents. 

What happens next?

Once we have received your application, we will assess whether you have provided enough evidence for a re-inspection to take place. If you have not made or have not demonstrated the required improvements upon application, then you application will be refused, you will not be re-inspected and your fee will be forfeit. If you still want a re-inspection you will need to make a new application and pay a further fee.

When will we carry out the re-inspection?

We will carry out an unannounced inspection within three months of receipt of the application and fee. Typically the Council will try to ensure the visits are carried out in a timely manner following receipt of the application. The FBO cannot dictate the timing of the re-inspection.

What happens if the Council do not undertake my re-inspection within 3 months?

The FBO should contact the Environmental Health Manager for Commercial Regulatory Services, Simon Neighbour at If the matter remains unresolved after contacting the Environmental Health Manager the FBO can then make a Complaint to the Council.

Note - The matter must have been raised with the Environmental Health Manager before the Council will accept a Complaint. 

What will happen to my Food Hygiene Rating?

We will give you a new Food Hygiene Rating based on the level of compliance that is found at the time of the re-visit. This could either go up, down or stay the same.

How many times can a FBO apply for a re-inspection?

FBO's can pay the required fee and apply for re-inspections as many times as they like, there is no limit. 

Form - Food Hygiene Rating Re-inspection Request

Benefits of achieving a high Food Hygiene Rating

  • Scoring highly can improve reputation, increase customer confidence and attract a higher amount of custom.
  • All Food Hygiene Ratings are published on the FSA - Food Hygiene Ratings database for customers and other visitors to view.
  • Businesses with a rating of 3 or above will also be promoted on Preston's official visit website at Visit Preston - Food and drink
  • Many on-line ordering platforms and phone APP's require a rating of at least 3 (Generally Satisfactory) to allow businesses to trade through them.

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