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Clinical waste collection


We offer a free clinical waste collection service.

Clinical waste must be collected and disposed of separately to your general waste. It must not be placed in your grey bin.

Who is the service for?

Our service is for Preston residents only.

If you have been treated in your home by a medical professional, they must make arrangements for the waste produced to be collected

We do not collect clinical or medical waste from businesses, charities or doctors surgeries.

What do we collect?

We collect the following:

  • medical dressings contaminated with body fluid or blood (infectious only)
  • syringes, needles and other sharp instruments
  • other waste from a person who is suffering from an infectious disease
  • blood or bodily fluids
  • swabs or dressings (infectious only)
  • stomach or peg feeding equipment
  • Incontinence pads/nappies (infectious only)

What do we not collect?

We do not collect:

Offensive waste items

  • non-infectious incontinence pads/nappies
  • non-infectious stoma/catheter bags
  • non-infectious swabs or dressings
  • feminine hygiene products
  • gloves

Please note: These items should be double bagged and disposed of in your grey general waste bin. 

Recyclable or general waste items

  • cardboard packaging
  • plastic packaging
  • paper information leaflets

Please note: These should be placed in your red or yellow lidded recycling bin or grey general waste bin as appropriate, unless it is contaminated or packaging from cytotoxic/cytostatic drugs.

Other type of waste items

  • human tissue
  • unused drugs or medicines*
  • radioactive waste
  • medical instruments
  • larvae (live) - used to treat certain medical conditions
  • foetal tissue and placentas from home births
  • body parts

* unused drugs or medicines can be return to the pharmacy for disposal

How to register

To register for our clinical waste collection service complete the following online form:

Request clinical waste collection

What happens next?

You will be contacted by us within 3 working days to arrange:

  • when your waste will be collected
  • what containers you require*
  • how often the collections will be
  • any special requirements

* you will be provided with the appropriate containers. Used containers will be replaced at each collection and usually on a one for one basis.

We will contact you if a separate clinical waste collection is not appropriate.

Are the collections discreet?

Collections are not advertised and your details are only shared with our collection contractor. Our collection contractor will make every effort to ensure collections are made discreetly, quickly, at the agreed time and without attracting attention.

What happens if I run out of containers?

If you run out of containers, you will need to contact us. We will arrange for the supply of further containers and assess if you need more frequent collections.

How do I report a missed collection?

If the collection contractor doesn't collect your waste, you should contact us the day after the collection was due. We will make arrangements with the contractor to return for your waste.

How to cancel collections

You can cancel your collections the following ways:

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