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Confirmation of Voter Registration 2024

All properties will shortly be receiving a form or email to ask the occupant to confirm who is resident at the property for voting purposes. Please check the details when you receive this and respond online if appropriate.

Help the homeless

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You can help the homeless through the following ways:


Street donations do not help people long term, even if the person you are donating to is in real need.

Charity donations (both money and new or used items) are best way of helping the homeless in the longer term, as your donations will be used in the best way possible to reach out to the most vulnerable homeless people.

Local homeless charities

The following local charities would welcome donations:


If you would like to volunteer your time to help the homeless, there are a number of volunteer opportunities listed below:

Local campaigns

The following local campaigns are currently taking place in Preston:

Off the Streets Preston

The off the streets Preston campaign is about working with charities, voluntary and public sector organisations to help prevent local homelessness and provide long-term solutions.

If you would like to help, you can text a donation to Off The Streets Preston on 70070.

Text OFTS 99 followed by the amount you wish to donate.

FAQs on homelessness

Why can't people who beg on the streets claim benefits?

Everyone is entitled to claim benefits regardless of whether they have an address.

People who beg on the streets are homeless, why can't they get houses?

The majority of people you see begging on the streets of Preston are not homeless and have accommodation. For those genuine people who are homeless there are housing options and support services available via us and Voluntary Sector Organisations.

Why can't people who beg get the help they need?

Everyday people who are begging on the streets are offered support and the majority of them are known to services in Preston.

Should I give money to a beggar?

If you want to support genuine people off the streets, rather than giving to the individual, who may have a place to live, you can support local charities. These charities work daily to support people off the streets and into services.

I've just bought a beggar a sandwich and they refused it, why?

It is more likely that a genuinely homeless person would accept offers of food and/or drink.

Why is this action being taken against those begging?

Ourselves, the Police and Preston Business Improvement District (BID) have received many complaints from businesses, visitors to the City Centre and Commuters passing though. Having investigated the situation it has become clear that we need to work together to assist people to stop begging.

What services are available for those in need in Preston?

We provide advice and services on homelessness, for more information and contact details please see our homelessness section. If you are concerned about someone, you can contact the Foxton's Outreach Team on 07517382584 and leave them a message, providing what time and location and the team will then investigate your concern.

If you want to report information regarding someone who is rough sleeping this can be done through the street link organisation or alternatively you can download Street Links mobile application for Apple devices or Android devices. This information is then passed on to outreach workers who will visit the person.

Can I volunteer my time to help?

There are various opportunities to volunteer through us or The Foxton Centre, for more information, visit The Foxton Centre - volunteer.

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