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Planning Stages and How to Apply

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Neighbourhood Planning Process

The Localism Act 2011 gave communities the right to prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Communities can shape how their local area develops through Neighbourhood Development Plans, Neighbourhood Development Orders and Community Right to Build Orders.

Available Neighbourhood Planning Tools

Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDP)

A NDP sets out the policies in which planning applications are assessed.  They will form part of the Statutory Development Plan for Preston.

Neighbourhood Development Orders (NDO)

An NDO can grant planning permission either in full or in outline for specified developments in a Neighbourhood Area, subject to restrictions.

Community Right to Build Orders

Community Right to Build Orders are a type of Neighbourhood Development Order As well as housing, this included other amenities for the benefit of local people such as a community building or playground.

Summary of Key Stages in Neighbourhood Planning

Step 1: Designating neighbourhood area and if appropriate, neighbourhood forum

Step 2: Preparing a draft neighbourhood plan or Order Plan

Step 3: Pre-submission publicity and consultation

Step 4: Submission of a Plan or Order proposal to the local planning authority 

Step 5: Independent Examination

Steps 6 : Referendum and 'making' the plan or order

Further Guidance

How to Apply

Neighbourhood Plans can be prepared by a town or parish council, or, when neither of these are present, a Neighbourhood Forum can be set up.

A neighbourhood forum must consist of at-least 21 members from the local area.  A neighbourhood forum is required to have a written constitution.

In Parished areas, the plan usually covers the parish area.  Parishes can combine their area to prepare a joint plan. In other non-parished areas, Neighbourhood forums must agree the area a plan will cover. 

This is subject to consultation with local residences before being agreed.

Contact the Planning Policy Team

To arrange a meeting with the Planning Policy team to either discuss or apply for a Neighbourhood area or forum designation please contact:

What Support does the Council Offer?

We provide help to groups who want to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan or set up a neighbourhood forum.  This includes Officer support during the preparation process, support with producing maps and providing details of statutory consultees. 

The Council have a statutory responsibility to organise of the regulation 16 consultation, examination of the plan and its referendum.

Useful Resources

Further advice can be found:

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