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Elections results - 6 May 2021

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Overall turnout

  • Ballot box votes - 22.65%
  • Postal votes - 65.94%
  • Overall turnout - 30.01% (30,681)

The tables below show the candidates for the elections which were held on the 6 May 2021 for the following wards:

Ashton Ward

Turnout - 2,277 (36.15%); Spoilt - 27

Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected
BALSHAW Michael ArthurIndependent726No
DABLE JeremyLiberal Democrats89No
HULL James ThomasLabour Party851Yes
SLATER TesConservative Party Candidate433No
WALSH Anne-MarieThe Green Party150No


Brookfield Ward

  • Turnout - 1,295 (22.71%); Spoilt - 8
Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected
EAVES NerysLabour Party774Yes
PERRYMAN BowenThe Conservative Party Candidate439No
STEVENSON AndrewLiberal Democrats72No


Cadley Ward

  • Turnout - 2,229 (36.51%); Spoilt - 13
Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected
BURT DanielThe Green Party91No
GRISDALE JonoLabour Party561No
SHANNON DebbieLiberal Democrats846Yes
WHITTAM Stephen RobertThe Conservative Party Candidate717No


City Centre Ward

  • Turnout - 1,760 (20.95%); Spoilt - 12
Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected
DESAI SalimLabour Party1,013Yes
DUKE FionaLiberal Democrats129No
ELLIOT James AlexanderHeritage Party - Free Speech and Liberty45No
NICHOLSON David CharlesThe Green Party173No
PRATT AndyConservative Party Candidate387No


Deepdale Ward

  • Turnout - 1,875 (29.18%); Spoilt - 27
Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected
NATHA SirazLabour Party1,522Yes
RIGOTTI Kevin DavidThe Green Party96No
VOGES JurgenLiberal Democrats36No
WILLIAMSON NilliConservative Party Candidate194No


Fishwick and Frenchwood Ward

  • Turnout - 1,650 (27.96%); Spoilt - 19
Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected
KENNEDY FrankieConservative Party Candidate232No
POTTER RebeccaLiberal Democrats100No
RAWLINSON Martyn AndrewLabour and Co-operative Party1,299Yes


Garrison Ward

  • Turnout - 2,397 (36.11%); Spoilt - 31
Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected
KELLY PeterLabour Party1,212Yes
SINGH LakwinderThe Conservative Party Candidate907No
TURNER MikeLiberal Democrats246No


Greyfriars Ward

  • Turnout - 2,670 (42.09%); Spoilt - 13
Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected
ALDRIDGE Geoffrey NormanThe Conservative Party Candidate1,089Yes
BURT AndyThe Green Party160No
JETHWA FaizLiberal Democrats835No
SMITH Edward HughesLabour Party573No


Ingol and Cottam Ward

  • Turnout - 2,195 (32.91%); Spoilt - 30
Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected
HART Trevor MichaelConservative Party Candidate961Yes
HUMPHREY JulieLabour Party415No
JEWELL MarkLiberal Democrats789No


Lea and Larches Ward

  • Turnout - 1,769 (27.37%); Spoilt - 9
Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected
AMIN MonwaraConservative Party Candidate445No
BALSHAW Beth HelenIndependent366No
CRAVEN EdwardLiberal Democrats168No
MEIN JenniferLabour Party682Yes
PARKINSON Luke AnthonyIndependent99No


Plungington Ward

  • Turnout - 1,412 (17.58%); Spoilt - 7
Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected
BISSELL Catherine MaryThe Green Party120No
DONOUGHUE-SMITH TaylorLiberal Democrats82No
HOMER PamelaConservative Party Candidate316No
KHAN NweedaLabour Party887Yes


Preston Rural East Ward

  • Turnout - 2,358 (37.75%); Spoilt 15
Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected
JOLLIFFE GrahamThe Conservative Party Candidate1,524Yes
LAWRENCE PeterLiberal Democrats158No
MACLAREN Andrew DavidLabour Party469No
PHYSICK Heidi ElizabethThe Green Party191No


Preston Rural North Ward

  • Turnout - 1,892 (35.59%); Spoilt - 16
Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected
DWYER Connor JosephLabour Party419No
GUISE DanielLiberal Democrats218No
MIDDLEBROUGH Keith FergusonThe Conservative Party Candidate1,244Yes


Ribbleton Ward

  • Turnout - 1,163 (20.22%); Spoilt - 10
Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected
BOSMAN LukeLiberal Democrats39No
COTTERILL Mark AdrianIndependent181No
HINDLE Anna JosephineLabour and Co-operative Party660Yes
KUDI MaryConservative Party Candidate231No
PHILLIPS SoniaThe Green Party42No


Sharoe Green Ward

  • Turnout - 2,453 (39.10%); Spoilt - 27
Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected
DISLEY HelenThe Green Party184No
KULBACKI GeorgeLiberal Democrats385No
VOHRA SamirLabour Party613No
WALKER David JosephThe Conservative Party Candidate1,193Yes
WILSON JohnReform UK51No


St Matthews Ward

  • Turnout - 1,286 (22.63%); Spoilt - 9
Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected
HACKETT ThomasLiberal Democrats98No
HOMER ColinThe Conservative Party Candidate217No
SARWAR SulemanLabour Party962Yes

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