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Transfer a taxi vehicle licence or change the details of your licenced vehicle

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A notification of transfer is required if there is a change of parties on a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle licence.

The current vehicle proprietor(s) should contact Licensing Services on 01772 906910 Monday - Friday between 10am - 12pm to advise that they either want to make an amendment to their vehicle licence or to advise that the vehicle no longer belongs to them.

Licensing Services will email a transfer notification form to be completed by the proprietor(s) and should detail the new proprietor(s) name, address and contact details.

What is the cost of a transfer notification?

For a list of all Taxi licensing fees please view the current Taxi licence fees table.  This payment should be paid direct to Licensing Services by debit or credit card by calling 01772 906910, Monday - Friday between 10am - 12pm.

What happens next?

Licensing Services will contact the new proprietors to verify their details and request a valid copy of their insurance policy. A new paper licence will only be emailed to the new proprietor(s) on receipt of the the policy.

How to apply to change the vehicle details on my licence

To make changes to the details of your vehicle - colour, registration number, or the number of passengers your vehicle can carry, please complete the online form.

Apply to change the details of your vehicle
What is the fee to change vehicle details?

Please refer to the current fees table for a list of all taxi licensing fees.

When will I receive my new or amended vehicle licence?

Your transfer or amended vehicle licence will be emailed no later than 10 working days after we have received your application and any associated documents.

Map address of Preston Town Hall

Preston Town Hall, Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 2RL.

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