The tables below show the candidates for the elections which were held on the 2 May 2019 for the following wards:


Atkins, Elizabeth AlisonLabour logo LAB932YES
Balshaw, Beth HelenIND620NO
Balshaw, MikeIND607NO
Boswell, Robert PhilipLabour logo LAB884YES
Dable, JeremyLiberal Democrats logo LIB222NO
Dwyer, DavidConservative Party Logo  CON299NO
Finch, ChristopherLiberal Democrats logo LIB148NO
Platt, Simon PhilipUKIP Party logo  UKIP282NO
Potter, RebeccaLiberal Democrats logo LIB197NO
Routledge, Mark FrancisLabour logo LAB871YES
Slater, TesConservative Party Logo  CON275NO
Walmsley, LukeConservative Party Logo  CON314NO


Browne, John WilliamLabour logo LAB781YES
Corker, Philip EdwardLabour logo LAB730YES
Duke, FionaLiberal Democrats logo LIB155NO
Eaves, NerysLabour logo LAB685YES
Helps, Anthony JamesUKIP Party logo  UKIP356NO
Kennedy, Mary FrancesConservative Party Logo  CON255NO
Perryman, BowenConservative Party Logo  CON211NO
Pratt, Andrew RobertConservative Party Logo  CON162NO
Voges, JurgenLiberal Democrats logo LIB127NO


Balshaw, Paul HarryConservative Party Logo  CON421NO
Craven, ClaireLiberal Democrats logo LIB1125YES
Crowe, Simon Peter DamianConservative Party Logo  CON342NO
Hull, JamesLabour logo LAB480NO
Potter, John JamesLiberal Democrats logo LIB1173YES
Shannon, DebbieLiberal Democrats logo LIB1077YES
Spillman, HarryLabour logo LAB483NO
Witherington, JimConservative Party Logo  CON365NO
Wood, RobertLabour logo LAB462NO

City Centre

Chauhan, HarshadLiberal Democrats logo LIB229NO
Dasu Patel, Munirah MehboobConservative Party Logo  CON199NO
Desai, SalimLabour logo LAB1162YES
Henshaw, CarolLabour logo LAB1201YES
Homer, PamelaConservative Party Logo  CON237NO
Moss, PeterLabour logo LAB1167YES
O`Donnell, EnnisLiberal Democrats logo LIB221NO
Rumble, Connor GrahamConservative Party Logo  CON212NO


Bax, IssiLabour logo LAB1775YES
Bellevue De Sylva, Deborah AnneConservative Party Logo  CON134NO
Coupland, ZafarLabour logo LAB1699YES
King, William AlastairConservative Party Logo  CON135NO
Mullen, StephenLiberal Democrats logo LIB140NO
Natha, Siraz AliLabour logo LAB1677YES
Sedgewick, KeithConservative Party Logo  CON144NO
Ward, BenjaminLiberal Democrats logo LIB100NO

Fishwick & Frenchwood

Butler, Danielle MargaretConservative Party Logo  CON208NO
Hawkins, Whitney SamanthaLabour logo LAB1233YES
Homer, Colin DavidConservative Party Logo  CON162NO
Newsham, PeterLiberal Democrats logo LIB152NO
Patel, YakubLabour logo LAB1382YES
Rawlinson, Martyn AndrewLabour logo LAB1193YES
Whittam, FayConservative Party Logo  CON162NO
Yates, MichaelLiberal Democrats logo LIB121NO


Bailey, FreddieLabour logo LAB1294YES
Brooks, LynneLabour logo LAB1073YES
Dasu Patel, MehfuzConservative Party Logo  CON676NO
Greenhalgh, Stuart RobertConservative Party Logo  CON819NO
Kelly, Peter JoshuaLabour logo LAB1013YES
Potter, PamelaLiberal Democrats logo LIB290NO
Turner, MichaelLiberal Democrats logo LIB293NO
Voges, HansLiberal Democrats logo LIB237NO
Whalley, Paul AnthonyConservative Party Logo  CON748NO


Cox, TimConservative Party Logo  CON754NO
Edmondson, Rowena AnnIND324NO
Gregg, DanielLiberal Democrats logo LIB1151YES
Jolliffe, GrahamConservative Party Logo  CON684NO
Raisbeck, TonyLiberal Democrats logo LIB1221YES
Singh, LakwinderConservative Party Logo  CON684NO
Smith, TedLabour logo LAB487NO
Thoburn, Stacey MichelleLabour logo LAB441NO
Warren, AlexanderLiberal Democrats logo LIB1069YES
Woods, Alan WinstonLabour logo LAB561NO

Ingol & Cottam

Brown, PaulineLiberal Democrats logo LIB871YES
Darby, NeilLiberal Democrats logo LIB816YES
Hart, Trevor MichaelConservative Party Logo  CON625NO
Humphrey, JulieLabour logo LAB331NO
Jewell, MarkLiberal Democrats logo LIB758YES
Maclaren, Joseph VincentLabour logo LAB287NO
McKeever, MartinConservative Party Logo  CON513NO
McLoughlin, Barry StewartLabour logo LAB295NO
Parker, Judith AnneConservative Party Logo  CON577NO
Suggate, Nicola SarahUKIP Party logo  UKIP275NO

Lea & Larches

Amin, MonwaraConservative Party Logo  CON326NO
Borrow, DavidLabour logo LAB731YES
Callaghan, David JohnConservative Party Logo  CON403NO
Craven, EdwardLiberal Democrats logo LIB282NO
Crowe, PhilLabour logo LAB735YES
Doyle, James LeeConservative Party Logo  CON359NO
Higham, JasonLiberal Democrats logo LIB258NO
Jeffrey, JasonLiberal Democrats logo LIB179NO
Kingsley, Mark BernardUKIP Party logo  UKIP352NO
Mein, JenniferLabour logo LAB684YES


Akhtar, PavLabour logo LAB868YES
Briggs, GrahamLiberal Democrats logo LIB176NO
Brown, Matthew JohnLabour logo LAB941YES
Campbell, JontyConservative Party Logo  CON191NO
Holt-Mylroie, PeterLiberal Democrats logo LIB139NO
Khan, NweedaLabour logo LAB822YES
Littlefair, PaulineConservative Party Logo  CON201NO
McDougall, IanLiberal Democrats logo LIB140NO
Tully, JayneConservative Party Logo  CON171NO

Preston Rural East

Arbidans, EdgarLiberal Democrats logo LIB270NO
Crawshaw, SusanLabour logo LAB335NO
Donnell, Ian KennethConservative Party Logo  CON999YES
Joyner, JoanneLiberal Democrats logo LIB303NO
Landless, HarryConservative Party Logo  CON1245YES
Lawrence, PeterLiberal Democrats logo LIB239NO
MacLaren, Andrew DavidLabour logo LAB299NO
Tait, George RobertLabour logo LAB322NO
Woollam, RonConservative Party Logo  CON1188YES

Preston Rural North

Boswell, Rebecca NerysLabour logo LAB221NO
Dent, AlanLabour logo LAB209NO
Easton, Craig StuartUKIP Party logo  UKIP224NO
Farrington, Michael JamesLabour logo LAB204NO
Finch, SandraLiberal Democrats logo LIB230NO
Johnstone, PeterLiberal Democrats logo LIB216NO
Latchford, Charles EdwardConservative Party Logo  CON846YES
Middlebrough, Keith FergusonConservative Party Logo  CON842YES
Raisbeck, MatthewLiberal Democrats logo LIB198NO
Whittam, SueConservative Party Logo  CON885YES


Ash, RobertLiberal Democrats logo LIB136NO
Bosman, LukeLiberal Democrats logo LIB146NO
Dasu Patel, Issa MehboobConservative Party Logo  CON115NO
Jones, RobertConservative Party Logo  CON188NO
Kudi, MaryConservative Party Logo  CON133NO
Pomfret, NickLabour logo LAB655YES
Rollo, BrianLabour logo LAB547YES
Saksena, Jonathan Harish ChandraLabour logo LAB551YES
Watt, Andrew JohnUKIP Party logo  UKIP300NO

Sharoe Green

Atkins, Kathleen EllenLabour logo LAB839NO
Disley, HelenGRN413NO
Duckworth, DanielConservative Party Logo  CON1036YES
Forrest, Craig JohnLabour logo LAB764NO
Green, Maxwell OwenConservative Party Logo  CON1003YES
Hackett, ThomasLiberal Democrats logo LIB268NO
Kulbacki, GeorgeLiberal Democrats logo LIB287NO
Vickers, GregoryLiberal Democrats logo LIB215NO
Vohra, SamirLabour logo LAB698NO
Walker, David JosephConservative Party Logo  CON960YES

St. Matthew's

Abram, JeffreyLiberal Democrats logo LIB99NO
Basford, MichaelLiberal Democrats logo LIB102NO
Grisdale, JonoLabour logo LAB822YES
Iqbal, JavedLabour logo LAB903YES
Morgan, JadeLabour logo LAB836YES
Parker, FrankConservative Party Logo  CON162NO
Shahsvar, ParvizConservative Party Logo  CON111NO
Shahsvar, SharonConservative Party Logo CON109NO