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Crematorium code of practice


The cremation of a human body is a highly emotional occasion and the officials of Preston Crematorium never forget this, creating and maintaining an atmosphere of reverence and respect throughout the entire proceedings.

Correct Identity

  • No coffin is accepted at Preston Crematorium unless it bears adequate particulars to identify the deceased person
  • Every care is taken to ensure correct identification throughout, from the moment the coffin is received until the final disposal of the cremated remains

After Committal

  • A body is never removed from the crematorium after the Service of Committal except for a lawful purpose
  • Under the guidance issued by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management, for practicable and environmental reasons the cremation of the deceased may be delayed by up to 72 hrs. This helps to minimise our impact on the environment by ensuring better energy use and reduces our carbon dioxide emissions. Although the majority of our cremations are carried out on the same day or day after the funeral service
  • Once in the cremator the coffin and the deceased will not be touched until the cremation has been completed and the entire cremated remains are then collected

Individual Cremation

  • Each coffin given into the care of the Crematorium is cremated separately and in accordance with the Environmental Permitting Regulations and Process Guidance Note 5/2(12) as amended.

Care of Cremated Remains

  • The utmost care is taken to ensure cremated remains from each cremation are kept separate; they are removed from the cremator, reduced and placed in a separate container to await final dispersal
  • If cremated remains are to be strewn in the Garden of Remembrance, the ceremony is conducted with great reverence and respect
  • A suitable container is always used for all cremated remains leaving Preston Crematorium. Specially constructed and suitably labelled containers are provided and recommendations laid down by the Federation of British Cremation Authorities are followed

Metal residue

  • All metals remaining following cremation will be sent for recycling. Disposing of these metals by recycling helps to reduce the impact on our environment, avoids the use of non-renewable resources and complies with waste-management legislation. The metals recovered are recycled through a national scheme with the net profits going to death related charities.

Mechanical apparatus

  • Cremators and all other mechanical apparatus used in the Crematorium are regularly overhauled, cleaned and kept in good repair to ensure perfect working order.

Statutory Regulations

  • All cremations are carried out according to regulations made under the provisions of the Cremations Act and appropriate statutory provisions and regulations applicable to Preston City Council. No cremation can take place without the written authority of the Cemetery and Crematorium Officer and a Medical Referee.

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