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Light nuisance

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We deal with complaints of light which cause a nuisance in your home as a result of commercial or domestic activities.

What is light nuisance?

Light nuisance is artificial light emitted from premises, which causes a problem.

To be a nuisance the following is considered:

  • disturbance (e.g. by preventing you sleeping)
  • occurrence
  • time of day
  • motives (malicious or ordinary behaviour)
  • sensitivity (is the person complaining overly sensitive to light?)

What can't be reported?

  • light required for health and safety purposes
  • street lighting

How to report a problem

  • email -
  • telephone - 01772 906907

What happens next?

If we consider the problem reported to be a nuisance, we can issue an abatement order. This will state the problem and what is needed to resolve it. Unlimited fines can be issued to those who do not comply with the notice.

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