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Air quality

Pollution clouds coming from factory chimneys

Air pollution can have significant effects on health and the environment. We have a legal responsibility to assess and improve the local air quality to meet government objectives.

Monitoring air quality

We have two air quality stations in Preston, which monitor a variety of pollutants.

Air quality stationPollutant measured
Bootle StreetNitrogen Dioxide, Particulates (PM2.5) and Ozone
Meadow Street / RingwayNitrogen Dioxide

For an overview of the air quality in our area, including improvement actions, see Air Quality Annual Status Report 2023 (PDF) [1MB]

View current pollution levels

Current pollutions levels recorded at these stations can be found below:

For wider information on pollutants read the know your pollutants factsheet (PDF) [51KB] .

Air quality forecast in your area

To find out a 5 day forecast for pollution levels at your postcode, view the UK Air Pollution Forecast.

Reviewing and assessing air quality

We have a duty to review local air quality under the Environment Act 1995.

The purpose of the review is to find out whether there are any areas of the city where the Governments National Air Quality Standards and Objectives for 7 key pollutants are likely to be exceeded.

This review is reported to DEFRA via the updating and screening assessment' and 'progress reports.

Improving air quality

If we find areas of high pollution, they are declared as an 'Air Quality Management Area'.

We then prepare action plans to show what can be done to improve the air quality.

Air Quality Management Areas check info is up to date.

We currently have 5 Air Quality Management Areas for the pollutant Nitrogen Dioxide:

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