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Report bee and wasp problems


We do not treat or remove bees or wasps.

Why we don't treat or remove bees or wasps

We don't treat or remove bees and wasps because they play a vital ecological role in the environment.

Bee problems

Due to the vital role of bees in the pollination of crops and the serious decline in the UK's bee population, bees are generally not treated as a pest.

Honeybees are not protected and can be treated, however they are endangered so other alternatives would be explored before considering eradication.

How to sort bee problems

If you have a problem with bees we recommend that you seek the advice of the British Beekeepers Association.

If you are unsure whether you have bees or wasps, you will find more information on the British Beekeepers Association or the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).

Wasp problems

Wasps become a nuisance to humans mainly in late summer as the weather gets cooler when they become more likely to sting.

A wasp, unlike a bee, can sting many times. Although the wasp sting is not normally serious, it can be very painful, and in certain cases can cause a severe reaction.

How to sort wasp problems

Nests are usually located in areas away from human contact and can be left untreated. Wasps are beneficial to humans as they kill many garden insect pests.

However, if it is necessary to destroy the nest, it is easy to do so. Wasps are generally easy to control if the nest is destroyed by applying a residual insecticide. This will be in either a dust or liquid form and is applied to the nest entrance or nearby so that wasps entering the nest are contaminated.

How can I get rid of wasps?

British Pest Control Association - Find a Pest Controller (BPCA) provides a list of trusted pest control companies who can provide the treatment of wasps, including details of the treatment and post treatment advice.

You are strongly recommended seeking professional help in dealing with a problem wasp's nest.

Consider the risks very carefully before attempting a treatment yourself. Wasps are very aggressive when their nest is threatened.

If you do attempt treatment yourself, when using pesticides always follow the instructions on the label.

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