Money problems?

Dealing with money issues can be off-putting, but if you don't understand or organise your money, you could end up losing out financially or get yourself deep in debt.

Are you in debt?

If you find yourself in debt and don't know where to turn you can find free advice on an 

You can find information on debt management, credit ratings, debt relief orders, mortgage problems, rent problems and actions that your creditor can take.

Are you borrowing too much?

Borrowing can be expensive and can give you debt and stress. If you find that you are borrowing more than you can afford or want to be. You can find useful tips on the Money Advice - reduce borrowing page or Citizens Advice - borrowing money page.

Help with budgeting

Money management can give you control, rewards and security. You can find useful tips on how to make your money go further on the Money Advice - managing your money page. 

Financial Inclusion Conference

On 6 October 2014 there was a Financial Inclusion conference held with public sector policy makers and practitioners, voluntary, community and faith sector representatives and registered social landlords who want to help build financial resilience in Preston.

The presentations that were presented at the conference can be found in the downloads section on this page.

Work Clubs

Preston City Council is working in partnership with Job Centre Plus, Preston College and Lancashire Adult Learning College to set up work clubs in Preston. For more information see the Work Clubs page.


The official food bank in Preston is the salvation army on Harrington Street. You must be referred to them by and agency and can only go once per month. To find out more the Salvation Army food bank in Preston webpage.

Renting issues

To avoid finding yourself in rent arrears or worrying about how to pay your rent read the information on the Money Advice - renting page for all you need to know about renting.

Welfare reform

The welfare reform means that some of the existing benefits will start to be phased out and replaced by a new benefits system. You can visit the Citizens Advice - welfare reform page or our benefit guide for further information.

If you have been impacted by the welfare reform please could you complete our online survey.

Housing benefit

If you are on a low income or social benefits then you may be able to obtain help toward payment of the rent. For further information about claiming or an application form visit our Housing Benefit page. To report a change of circumstances for your housing benefit claim visit our change in circumstances page.

Discretionary housing payment

If you receive housing benefit but still have rent to pay you may be able to apply for extra assistance. For further information visit our discretionary housing payment page.

Council tax

If you receive council tax support but still have council tax to pay you may be able to apply for extra assistance.

Department for work and pensions

If you need any other benefits such as jobseekers allowance, employment and support allowance, disability living allowance you need to contact the Department for Work and Pensions.  For help with any benefits and tax credits visit the GOV.UK benefits page.

Free support contact details

When you are in debt it can sometimes be difficult to get out of it... don't leave it too late... contact our Welfare Benefits Advice department or Citizens Advice Bureau or Money Advice Service.