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Allotment plots


As always, good hygiene is vital when visiting our sites.

For more information around COVID-19 and allotments visit The National Allotment Society - COVID-19 Precautions.

We manage the following allotment plots:

  • Deepdale - Blackpool Road, Sir Tom Finney Way
  • Haslam Park - Blackpool Road, Bristow Avenue
  • Penwortham Holme East - Leyland Road, Penwortham
  • Penwortham Holme West - Liverpool Road, Penwortham
  • Serpentine 1 - Blackpool Road, Garstang Road
  • Serpentine 2 - Blackpool Road, opposite Moor Park
  • Serpentine 3 - Blackpool Road, opposite Moor Park
  • Sharoe Green - Sharoe Green Lane, Fulwood

Waiting lists

Our allotment plots are very popular. This means we manage waiting lists for all our allotment sites in Preston.

Wait time

Since March 2020 the number of people on the waiting list for our allotments has more than doubled. Currently, there are over 1,100 people waiting to be allocated one of the 650 allotments managed by the Council.. This means we now estimate a wait time of at least 2 ½ to 3 years for most sites for those now applying. However, the waiting time on some of the smaller sites, such as Haslam and Sharoe Green, could be considerably longer.

To reduce waiting times, any suitable large plots (@250m²) that become available, will be halved, with each half being offered as a regular plot (@125m²).

In exceptional circumstances, where it is not possible to halve a plot, it will continue to be let as a large plot.

Want to get growing sooner?

Lets Grow Preston is a network that supports and connects community gardens and growing projects across Preston.

Lets Grow Preston can put you in touch with people and projects close to you, so you can start getting your hands dirty and gain useful hints and tips while waiting for your allotment.

Request a plot

Before requesting to go on the waiting list, please read our Tenants Guidelines.

Once you have read our tenant guidelines, to be placed on the waiting lists for a Preston City Council owned allotment site complete our online form:

Request an allotment plot

Around two out of three new tenants give up by the end of the first year.  You should carefully consider your available spare time, skills, and the level of physical fitness required to manage a plot before applying.

Tenancy guidelines

When you are allocated an allotment, you will be sent a copy of our tenancy guidelines along with your agreement and invoice.

Our guidelines allow us to manage sites and individual plots to a high standard and also answer a wide range of frequently asked questions from both new and existing tenants.

Renew a plot

Plots are charged from January to December each year.

To renew an allotment plot please complete our online form:

Renew an allotment plot

Who can request a plot?

Our prime responsibility is to provide allotments for residents living within Preston. However, the Penwortham East and Penwortham West sites are now open to non-residents.

What are the benefits?

Allotment plots have the following benefits:

  • Grow low cost food and flowers
  • Great way to stay active and healthy
  • Make new friends and become a seasoned allotmenteer
  • Protecting an open green space and providing a home for wildlife

What level of commitment is required?

Allotment plots can be very rewarding but also require a lot of regular maintenance and commitment.

Only around one new tenant out of three is still on their plot after the first year. You will usually need at least two sessions of two to three hours each week to bring a plot to the required levels by the end of your first year.

If you do not have this sort of commitment, please think very carefully about applying.

For more information on the amount of commitment needed see allotment plots commitment requirements.

Allotment plot prices for 2023 to 2024

  • Plot type - Regular (@125m²) - £43.05 per year - £26.60 concession for senior citizen, registered disabled and unemployed
  • Plot type - Large (@250m²) -  £92.25 per year - no concessions available

Self managed allotment sites

If you are keen to find an allotment site in Preston sooner than the waiting list period, there are a number of self managed options, many with much shorter waiting lists than the PCC managed sites.

Frenchwood allotment site

The Frenchwood allotment site is a large self-managed site with a friendly and thriving Allotment Association. The Association regularly has a number of plots available and currently has a very short waiting list compared to the PCC sites waiting list.

Request a plot at Frenchwood allotment site

The Moor Nook allotment site

The Moor Nook allotment site, managed by Community Gateway Association, has 14 small raised bed plots available to growers.

Currently, the beds cost £25 for Gateway Tenants or £30 for non-tenants per year. Anybody can apply for a plot and the site is accessible for those with disabilities, including wheelchair access. The plot holders host a lot of fun and engaging events throughout the year.

Request a plot at Moor Nook allotment site

Contacting us

If you have any other queries and cannot find the information you require on these pages, please email us on

Map address of allotment sites in Preston

  • Deepdale, Blackpool Road / Sir Tom Finney Way
  • Haslam park - Blackpool Road / Bristow Ave
  • Penwortham Holme East - Leyland Road, Penwortham
  • Penwortham Holme West - Liverpool Road, Penwortham
  • Serpentine 1 - Blackpool Road / Garstang Road
  • Serpentine 2 - Blackpool Road / Opposite Moor Park
  • Serpentine 3 - Blackpool Road / Opposite Moor Park
  • Sharoe Green - Sharoe Green Lane, Fulwood

Self managed sites

  • Frenchwood allotments, Preston, PR1 4NN
  • Moor Nook allotments, Preston

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