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Taxi licences


We are responsible for the licensing of hackney carriage drivers and vehicles, and private hire drivers, vehicles and operators.

You must have the relevant drivers licence and a relevant vehicle licence to drive a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle.

Private hire operators must also have the relevant operator licence.

Important Information - Changes for taxi and private hire licence applications from April 2022

The rules are changing if you're an individual, company or any type of partnership applying for a licence as a:

  • taxi driver
  • private hire driver
  • private hire vehicle operator

If you make an application on or after 4 April 2022 you'll need to complete a tax check with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) if you're:

  • renewing a licence
  • applying for the same type of licence you previously held, that ceased being valid less than a year ago
  • applying for the same type of licence you already hold with another licensing authority

You must carry out the tax check yourself. You cannot ask a tax agent or adviser to do this on your behalf.  If a tax check is not completed, the licensing authority will be unable to consider your application to renew your licence.

You can find all the information you need on how to register and undertake your mandatory tax check at GOV.UK - Changes for taxi, private hire and scrap metal applications from April 2022.  There is also a GOV.UK - Tax Check Factsheet to assist you with this process.  The tax check MUST be undertaken before you submit your application for renewal.  

First-time applicants must give confirmation on their application form that they are aware of the guidance about their tax obligations and have read and understood the requirements which can be viewed at GOV.UK - Confirm your tax responsibilities when applying for a taxi, private hire or scrap metal licence.  If you do not confirm that you are aware of the guidance, you will not be issued with a licence.

More information on applying for, or renewing a licence, and other taxi related documentation and information can be found by using the links below.


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