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Stoneygate Regeneration Framework SPD

Pen and paper

Preston City Council adopted the Icon for pdf Stoneygate Regeneration Framework Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) [4.09MB] on 29 June 2020.

Stoneygate Planning Documents

You can download a copy of the Icon for pdf Stoneygate Regeneration Framework Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) [4.09MB] and ancillary documents including:

Hard copies are also available for viewing at the City Council offices:

Town Hall, Lancaster Road, Preston PR1 2RL.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm (except Thursday) Thursdays 10am - 5pm.

Any person with sufficient interest in the decision to adopt the SPD may apply to the High Court for permission to apply for judicial review of that decision.

Any such application for leave to review the decision must be made promptly and in any case not later than three months after the date on which the Adoption Statement was published - the 3 months deadline is by 6 October 2020.

Please refer to the Questions and Answers below on this page for further details.

The purpose of the draft SPD

The purpose of the SPD is to assist developers in the preparation and submission of planning applications in the Stoneygate SPD area. The SPD provides guidance about how the Council would like to see its vision for the area, in accordance with the policies set out in The City Centre Plan, implemented.

The SPD may be afforded significant weight as a material consideration in determining relevant planning applications and will help to speed up the decision making process and deliver the housing that Preston needs in a coordinated manner.

Contact details

Questions and answers

What is an SPD (Supplementary Planning Document)?

An SPD is a Supplementary Planning Document.

It supplements adopted planning policy and provides a finer grain of guidance/detail to adopted policy.

Policy OP4 (Stoneygate), Policy OP5 (Horrocks Quarter) and Policy SP4 (Housing Allocations) of the adopted City Centre Plan are the main policies to which the Stoneygate Regeneration Framework SPD can be attached.

The Stoneygate Regeneration Framework SPD will supplement the City Centre Plan (adopted June 2016) and the Preston Local Plan (adopted July 2015), which will provide more weight in the planning process than the Stoneygate Regeneration Framework Masterplan (baseline report), which does not have this equivalent status.

The SPD will provide more certainty for the Council and developers alike.  It will therefore help to speed up the decision making process and deliver the housing that Preston needs in a coordinated manner.

What does the Stoneygate Regeneration Framework SPD do?

Proposing an "Urban Village" type development, the regeneration framework sets out key design principles and an indicative framework for development. Essentially it aims to create modern, sustainable communities with a mix of housing, commercial uses, good pedestrian and cycling links, public realm spaces and green infrastructure.

All these are vital to sustainable and thriving communities that are fit for the future.

The aim is to require developers to build to high design standards, and to show what can be achieved, so that the area will become an attractive place where people want to live and work.

What about highways issues and City Deal (Lancashire County Council)?

Highways works will be largely delivered by Lancashire County Council (LCC).

Preston City Centre is an area at the heart of the City Deal programme and fundamental to the future success of the City. We're investing hundreds of millions of pounds in new infrastructure in this area that will enable new homes, new jobs and new businesses to be created in Preston.

It is the role of the SPD to ensure future developments are carried out in a joined up and responsible way that is in the best interests of Preston and Lancashire.

What about roads and congestion, and when will development be delivered (Phasing)?

All planning applications that are submitted to the City Council will be assessed on their own merits at the time.

The required infrastructure needs to be in place for all the development envisaged to be built out, but some development can still be accommodated in advance of this infrastructure.

The City Council will continue to work closely with Lancashire County Council and other stakeholders.

What exactly is proposed in the masterplan?

The Stoneygate Regeneration Framework SPD indicates that the area could accommodate up to 1655 homes, including within the housing allocations (SP4.2 - SP4.6) in the area set out in the adopted City Centre Plan.

The key requirements and necessary infrastructure is set out in the City Centre Plan and the Preston Local Plan Policy: AD1(a): Development within (or in close proximity to) the Existing Residential Area, and Policy EN2: Protection and Enhancement of Green Infrastructure. In summary key facilities include:

  • Up to approximately 1655 new homes over approximately 38 hectares;
  • Pedestrian and cycling route improvements; and
  • Public realm improvements

Who will deliver the key facilities?

Various organisations, both public and private will be responsible for delivering these facilities. In summary it is anticipated at this stage that:

  • New homes, commercial uses, green infrastructure and associated facilities will be largely delivered by developers / house builders;
  • Highways improvements will largely be delivered by Lancashire County Council (LCC)

Who do I contact if I have any queries?

Please contact the Planning Policy Section at Preston City Council on 01772 906729 or email   

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