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Flats and shared housing bins and boxes

Tower block of flats

Boxes might not be suitable if you live in a flat, a shared house or an apartment development.

We can provide tailored services to suit your needs. There is a recycling solution for every type of property.


If you live in an apartment the options include:

  • Shared communal bins or boxes
  • Lockable recycling bins
  • Secure recycling bring sites

In Preston all flats are assessed individually to make sure that we provide the most appropriate recycling solution. To discuss this further with a recycling officer or to arrange a site visit please contact or ring 01772 906905.

Shared Housing

If you live in a shared house you should have access to the same recycling facilities as all other properties in Preston, and your landlord should ensure that you have appropriate refuse facilities. See our recycling for more information on how to manage your waste. 

If you are fully taking part in all the recycling services provided by us and you are still struggling to reduce your waste to an amount suitable for fortnightly collections your household may be eligible for a bigger bin.

If a larger bin still does not meet your needs it is your landlords responsibility to set up a commercial waste contract.  See Business waste and recycling for more information.

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