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Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant Scheme

The scheme provides support to hospitality, leisure and accommodation businesses.

Week 34 - 19.11.21


Planning applications registered between 12 November 2021 to the 19 November 2021.

Application 06/2021/1393

View application details for 06/2021/1393

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - 4 Moss House Road, Preston, PR4 0AT

Proposal - Roof extension involving front and rear dormer windows and new side gable window.

Case Officer - Shaun Knights 18 November 2021.

Application 06/2021/1403

View application details for 06/2021/1403

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Barton Grange Hotel, 746-768, Garstang Road, Preston, PR3 5AA

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.3 (surface water drainage) attached to planning permission 06/2021/0689.

Case Officer - Laura Holden on 19 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1472

View application details for 06/2021/1472

Ward - Sharoe Green

Location - Masons Wood, Preston, PR2 8GR

Proposal - Works to various trees.

Case Officer - Dawn Wilson on 03 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1492

View application details for 06/2021/1492

Ward - Ashton

Location - 13A Mayfield Road, Preston, PR2 1EX

Proposal - Change of use from 2 no. self-contained flats to a 1no. residential dwelling.

Case Officer - Kim Vo on 16 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1519

View application details for 06/2021/1519

Ward - Brookfield

Location - Rothwell Crescent, Preston, PR2 6SN

Proposal - Discharge of conditions 5 (site access) and 7 (management and maintenance of proposed streets) attached to planning permission 06/2018/1029.

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 15 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1521

View application details for 06/2021/1521

Ward - Ribbleton

Location - Preston East Employment Area, Bluebell Way, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 5PZ

Proposal - 1 no. industrial unit (Class B2 and B8) with ancillary Class E floorspace and associated landscaping and infrastructure.

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 11 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1526

View application details for 06/2021/1526

Ward - Sharoe Green

Location - 145, Sharoe Green Lane, Preston, PR2 8HE

Proposal - Amendment to planning permission 06/2021/1288 comprising of material changes to approved side extension and outbuilding (non-material amendment not subject to consultation).

Case Officer - Shaun Knights on 12 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1528

View application details for 06/2021/1528

Ward - Brookfield

Location - Land adjacent, 12 Marsett Place, Preston, PR2 6ST

Proposal - 2 no. dwellings (pursuant to 06/2019/1453 to seek variation of condition no.1 "approved plans").

Case Officer - Michael Pearson on 15 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1529

View application details for 06/2021/1529

Ward - Greyfriars

Location - Harris Knowledge Park, Garstang Road, Preston, PR2 9XB

Proposal - Listed Building Consent for remedial/repair works to historic Villas (namely the Laurels, Holly House, Poplars, Chestnuts, Glen Rosa and Oak House), Gate Lodge, Chapel, School and Masters House), including roof and brickwork repairs, repointing, repairing timber, removal of dry rot, fungus and other associated remedial works.

Case Officer - Claire Booth on 15 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1530

View application details for 06/2021/1530

Ward - City Centre

Location - 133, The Old Dog, Church Street, Preston, PR1 3BT

Proposal - Listed Building Consent for alterations and repairs to existing roof works, existing internal walls to first and second floors.

Case Officer - Michael Pearson on 15 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1531

View application details for 06/2021/1531

Ward - Garrison

Location - 16, Holmfield Road, Preston, PR2 8EP

Proposal - Single storey side and rear extension following demolition of existing outbuildings.

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 16 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1532

View application details for 06/2021/1532

Ward - Plungington

Location - Land between 99 and 107, Queens Road, Preston, PR2 3BQ

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.3 (materials) attached to planning permission 06/2019/1452.

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright- Bremner on 16 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1533

View application details for 06/2021/1533

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - Land at (Grid Ref 597376) Inglewhite Road Preston

Proposal - Amendment to planning permission 06/2019/0169 proposing to remove H417 house type and replace with detached units (plots 91 - 94); plots 87 and 88 to be shuffled to allow for better parking to plot 87; one additional plot from the original layout plot 214 and proposing an entrance feature to the North entrance of the site (non-material amendment not subject to consultation).

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 15 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1534

View application details for 06/2021/1534

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Haydock Grange, Hoyles Lane, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 0LB

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.8 (remediation) attached to planning permission 06/2017/1385.

Case Officer - Claire Booth on 15 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1536

View application details for 06/2021/1536

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - 521, Garstang Road, Preston, PR3 5JA

Proposal - 2 no. part two/part three storey retirement apartment buildings (Class C2) with associated landscaping and car parking and new access off Woodplumpton Lane (resubmission of 06/2018/0859) (pursuant to 06/2019/1347 to seek variation of condition no.13 "noise impact assessment").

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 15 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1537

View application details for 06/2021/1537

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - Land adjacent, South Lodge, Haighton Green Lane, Preston, PR2 5SQ

Proposal - Outline application for 4 no. self-build dwellings seeking approval for access (all other matters reserved).

Case Officer - Michael Pearson on 15 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1538

View application details for 06/2021/1538

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - 25 The Pastures, Preston, PR2 5JW

Proposal - Certificate of Lawfulness for proposed single storey rear extension.

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 16 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1540

View application details for 06/2021/1540

Ward - Cadley

Location - Land adjacent 1 and 2 Millbank, Preston, PR2 3SF

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.8 (materials) attached to planning permission 06/2019/1456.

Case Officer - Michael Pearson on 16 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1541

View application details for 06/2021/1541

Ward - Greyfriars

Location - 48, Regent Drive, Preston, PR2 3JB

Proposal - Amendment to planning permission 06/2021/0187 comprising of alteration to approved two storey side extension roof from gable end roof to hipped roof (non-material amendment not subject to consultation).

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 16 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1542

View application details for 06/2021/1542

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Bradleys Sand Pit, Lightfoot Green Lane, Preston, PR4 0AP

Proposal - Variation of condition 2 of permission LCC/2017/0019 to allow the continuation of mineral landfill and waste transfer activities until 31 December 2029 with restoration by 31 December 2031 (Article 24 consultation).

Case Officer - Claire Booth on 16 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1543

View application details for 06/2021/1543

Ward - City Centre

Location - 18 Miller Arcade, Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 2QY

Proposal - Listed Building Consent for repainting of existing timber shop front from off white to black grey; replacement of existing black metal faced signage and strip swan arm illumination for brushed nickel and black swan neck illumination arm light.

Case Officer - Michael Pearson on 16 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1544

View application details for 06/2021/1544

Ward - Garrison

Location - Longsands Lodge, 3 Bowlers Close, Preston, PR2 9SG

Proposal - Single storey rear extension following demolition of existing conservatory, re-cladding/modification of existing front and rear dormers and front entrance canopy.

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 17 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1545

View application details for 06/2021/1545

Ward - Greyfriars

Location - Oakhill Veterinary Centre, 2A, Lytham Road, Preston, PR2 8JB

Proposal - 6 no. non-illuminated signs.

Case Officer - Kim Vo on 16 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1550

View application details for 06/2021/1550

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - Land off Preston Road, Grimsargh, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 5JT

Proposal - Amendment to reserved matters application 06/2018/1243 comprising of change of canopy and additional of side light to Birch apartment (non- material amendment not subject to consultation).

Case Officer - Laura Holden on 17 November 2021

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