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Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant Scheme

The scheme provides support to hospitality, leisure and accommodation businesses.

Week 32 - 05.11.21


Planning applications registered between 29 October 2021 to the 5 November 2021.

Application 06/2021/1435

View application details for 06/2021/1435

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Land at, Connemara, Lightfoot Green Lane, Preston, PR4 0AP

Proposal - Erection of site wall to the North of the site, adjacent to the open space

Case Officer - Katie Wright 26 October 2021

Application 06/2021/1451

View application details for 06/2021/1451

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Blackpole Farm House, Lewth Lane, Preston, PR4 0TD

Proposal - Single storey side extension to an existing Class B8 Storage/Distribution building

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright Bremner on 2 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1454

View application details for 06/2021/1454

Ward - Fishwick and Frenchwood

Location - 426, New Hall Lane, Preston, PR1 4TA

Proposal - Change of use from dwelling to Class E(a) at ground floor and single storey rear extension and dormer to create 1no. self-contained 3 bedroom flat

Case Officer - Michael Pearson on 1 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1456

View application details for 06/2021/1456

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - Land West of 208, Whittingham Lane, Preston, Broughton, PR3 2JJ

Proposal - Reserved matters application (namely appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) pursuant to outline planning permission 06/2019/0124 for 4no. dwellings and associated works

Case Officer - Michael Pearson on 2 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1460

View application details for 06/2021/1460

Ward - Brookfield

Location - 32, Hamilton Road, Preston, PR2 6YH

Proposal - Hip to gable roof and rear dormer, following
removal of existing rear dormer

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 1 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1461

View application details for 06/2021/1461

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - 1 Brooklands, Whittingham Road, Preston, PR3 2AB

Proposal - Single storey side extension and alterations to rear outrigger, and detached outbuilding following demolition of existing outbuilding

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 28 October 2021

Application 06/2021/1462

View application details for 06/2021/1462

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - Land South Of Whittingham Lane, Grimsargh, PR2 5LH

Proposal - Amendment to reserved matters permission 06/2019/1049 comprising of alterations to the approved housetype plans from V2 to V3 (non material amendment not subject to consultation)

Case Officer - Laura Holden on 1 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1464

View application details for 06/2021/1464

Ward - Fishwick and Frenchwood

Location - Liquid Plastics 99, London Road, Preston, PR1 4BA

Proposal - Relocation of existing plant equipment to ground floor location with amendments to the ductwork, erection of 4.5m high timber screen, alteration to part of the building including removing the current third floor and pitch roof and reinstate with flat roof level to match existing (Part Retrospective)

Case Officer - Michael Pearson on 4 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1467

View application details for 06/2021/1467

Ward - Ribbleton

Location - Unit 1 The Willows, Millennium Road, Preston, PR2 5BL

Proposal - 1no. Industrial unit (Class B2) / Trade Counter (Class B8)

Case Officer - Michael Pearson on 1 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1469

View application details for 06/2021/1469

Ward - St Matthews

Location - 10, Stanleyfield Road, Preston, PR1 1QL

Proposal - Two storey and single storey rear extensions

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 1 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1470

View application details for 06/2021/1470

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Kitts Cottage, Benson Lane, Preston, PR4 0HY

Proposal - Permission in Principle for 1no. dwelling following demolition of existing double garage (Resubmission)

Case Officer - Lucy Henwood on 3 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1472

View application details for 06/2021/1472

Ward - Sharoe Green

Location - Masons Wood, Preston, PR2 8GR

Proposal - Works to various trees

Case Officer - Dawn Wilson on 3 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1474

View application details for 06/2021/1474

Ward - Garrison

Location - 182 and 184, Watling Street Road, Preston, PR2 8AD

Proposal - Fence, brick pillars and gate posts and gates to front (joint application) (part retrospective)

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 4 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1475

View application details for 06/2021/1475

Ward - Plungington

Location - Sizer House, Moor Lane, Preston, PR1 1JQ

Proposal - Amendment to planning permission 06/2020/1208 to vary the wording of condition no.8 and no.16 (non-material amendment not subject to consultation)

Case Officer - Phil Cousins on 3 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1477

View application details for 06/2021/1477

Ward - St Matthews

Location - 45, Blackpool Road, Preston, PR2 6BU

Proposal - Change of use from retail (Class E) to hot food takeaway (Sui Generis) installation of extractor flue to rear, new shop front and new door opening to side elevation

Case Officer - Michael Pearson on 3 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1483

View application details for 06/2021/1483

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - Land north of, Eastway, Preston

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.4 (Energy Efficiency) attached to planning permission 06/2019/1037

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 3 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1484

View application details for 06/2021/1484

Ward - Greyfriars

Location - 33A Hawkhurst Avenue, Preston, PR2 9XR

Proposal - Single storey side to rear extension following demolition of utility room to side

Case Officer - Shaun Knights on 4 November 2021

Application 06/2021/1485

View application details for 06/2021/1485

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - Phase 3A, Whittingham Hospital, Whittingham Lane, Broughton, Preston, PR3 2JE

Proposal - Discharge of conditions no.2 (Reserved matters application) no.3 (Phase approval) no.4 (Energy efficiency) no.5 (Electric vehicle charging point) no.7 (Construction of main spine road/access) no.8 (Management and maintenance of the proposed streets) no.10 (Drainage strategy for foul and surface water) no.11 (Foul drainage scheme) no.12 (Surface water drainage) no.13 (Sustainable drainage management and maintenance plan) no.16 (Construction and environmental management plan) no.17 (Bat management strategy) no.18 (Survey for badger setts) no.21 (Travel plan) and no.23 (Protection of trees and hedges) attached to outline permission 06/2019/0365

Case Officer - Laura Holden on 4 November 2021

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