Preston Local Plan

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Preston Local Plan

The plan will identify where new housing, employment, retail, leisure and open space will go in the next 15 years.

Vision for Preston

The Core Strategy sets out its strategic vision for Central Lancashire by the year 2026.

Delivering Infrastructure

Infrastructure is integral to the sustainability of our city and villages, as well as the delivery of new development.

Areas for Development

Planning permission, will, in principle, be granted for a comprehensive scheme of development in, Cottam Strategic Site and North West Preston.

Homes for All

New housing is needed to help address current and future housing needs, support the local economy and ensure the sustainability of the area.

Delivering Economic Prosperity

The long term sustainability of Preston depends on developing the local economy and providing enough jobs for existing and future generations.

Sustainable Travel

Increasing accessibility to homes, jobs, open space, recreation and other services, and to encourage alternatives to the car.

Protecting the Natural Environment

A high quality built and natural environment, enhances the quality of life for existing and future communities.

Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing is identified as one of the Core Strategy’s main cross cutting themes as many aspects of planning policy contribute to achieving and maintaining better health.