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Preston's City Investment Plan

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We are in the process of developing a 15 year City Investment Plan which will set out our vision, objectives and strategy to transform Preston, targeting resources and aligning public and private sector investments to respond to needs and capitalise on opportunities for positive change. We want to maintain the momentum of change in our city to make sure the richness of life is within reach for the people of Preston.

Our long-term strategy is centred on investment priorities to support our people and is focused on sustainable and shared prosperity for our communities. At a time when the COVID-19 crisis is deeply affecting our residents and businesses, our long-term strategy will make a significant contribution to our recovery.

For more information on investment in Preston, including key projects and plans taking place across Preston and surrounding areas, visit Invest Preston.

City Investment Plan 2020 - 2035

Preston is one of the UK's newest cities, rich in opportunity, committed to positive change and to making our economy work for all our communities. Our residents are rightly proud of their city and its community spirit.

This plan is the foundation for our City Investment Plan (CIP) and can be downloaded below. 

How the Towns Fund is critical to delivering the plan

Our bid for Towns Fund investment is critical to the successful delivery of Preston's City Investment Plan. It will support early interventions, be a catalyst for positive change in our city and support our sustainable and inclusive growth ambitions. Securing Towns Fund investment will enable Preston to maximise its strengths and opportunities and address many of the challenges our city faces.

Have your say 

Key themes within our plan are:

  • Culture
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • City Centre Regeneration
  • Skills and Enterprise
  • Connectivity

As we work to secure funding for the plan, we are keen to hear your views around each theme. 

What does each of them mean to you?  What should we be building into the plan to make the most of our city for people who live and work here?

Let us know your ideas and comments on each of the themes below. Have your say and share your suggestions...


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We are keen to see how Preston's cultural assets can be used to drive local growth and strengthen links between different communities within our city. 

Where Preston City Council owns properties, we want to do all we can to breathe new life into old spaces so that they are useful to the people of Preston. 

Do you have a view about how we could do that? Let us know your ideas..

Have your say on culture

Health and Wellbeing

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Preston's people make this place what it is today. We need to make sure that whatever projects we make happen over the next few years keep in mind the health and wellbeing of Prestonians.   

Do you have a view about how we could do that? Let us know your ideas...

Have your say on health and wellbeing

City Centre Regeneration

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Our #WhatsYourPreston listening project* has told us how important the centre of Preston is to people who live and work here. We agree that the heart of our city needs to be a thriving place for people to live and work. 

Our plan is to make this area as vibrant as possible, building on the variety of social meeting places we already have, to help us reconnect and rebound out of lockdown. 

Do you have a view about how we could do that? Let us know your ideas...

Have your say on city centre regeneration

* #WhatsYourPreston is a consultation process that has been running since December 2019. Feedback is being used to inform projects like the Town Deal bid going forward. 

Skills and Enterprise

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Preston has a very well-integrated education system - from primary schools to post-graduate study - that has been crafted around the needs of Preston people, as well as students from around the world. 

We want to inject more energy into this system if we can, to make sure each new generation of residents and companies get exactly the help they need to be successful. 

Do you have a view about how we could do that? Let us know your ideas...

Have your say on skills and enterprise


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To us, this is so much more than road, rail and digital infrastructure. It's community. It's our people. We have seen how powerful we can be when we work together. 

We want to see this continue, so that we can bring about positive change for everyone in Preston. 

Do you have a view about how we could do that? Let us know your ideas...

Have your say on connectivity

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