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New, repair, replacement or bigger waste or recycling bin

Wheeled bin

You can request a new, repair, replacement or bigger waste or recycling bin.

If your property receives pink bags see request new pink bags.

Please note: we re-condition and re-issue wheeled bins. Therefore the bin(s) you receive may not be brand new.

Request a new bin

You may request a new 240 litre bin for the following reasons:

  • Brand new property without a bin
  • Existing property without a bin
  • Lost or stolen existing bin
  • Fire damaged bin
  • Additional brown, red or yellow bin*

* Each property is only allowed one black bin. If you require a bigger bin please see bigger general waste bin request form.

How much?

£16 per bin.

Please note: the statutory charge is made for the delivery of the bin, not the sale of the bin.

Are there any reduced prices?

If you are receiving Housing Benefit or Council Tax, you could qualify for a reduced charge of £11.50 per bin.

If you are moving into a brand new property and you are the first occupier, please speak to the developer as they may pay for the bins for your property.

Properties on shared driveways or private roads

If your property on a shared driveway or a private road the Council will not collect your bins from directly outside your property. You will have to present your bins at the collection point which will be next to the public highway at the end of the shared driveway or private road. Some developments may have been provided with specific areas where you can leave your bins on collection days. If you are unsure of your collection point please contact us at

How to apply

Request a new waste or recycling bin

What happens next?

Your bin will be delivered in 4 - 6 weeks. You cannot collect your bin from the Argyll Road Depot.

Grey bins (general waste)

You will shortly receive a pack of pink waste bags. You can place up to four bags out at the edge of your property or at the usual collection point from 7am on your bin collection day, until your bin is delivered. If you run out of pink bags before your bin is delivered, please contact us to order more pink bags at and state that you are waiting for a bin delivery.

Brown bins (garden waste)

Unfortunately, we are unable to collect garden waste unless it is in a brown bin.

Whilst waiting for your delivery please take any garden waste to your local recycling centre (tip).

Please note: you also need a garden waste subscription for your garden waste to be collected. To apply for our collection service see garden waste collection.

Red or yellow bins (recycling)

Continue to separate your recycling into paper/cardboard and plastic, glass, cans.

This can be placed in untied carrier bags at the edge of your property or at the usual collection point from 7am on your bin collection day.

Request a repair or replacement bin

You may request a repair or replacement bin for the following bin damages:

  • Lid damage
  • Wheel damage
  • Split

If your bin has been fire damaged, you will need to request a new bin.

How much?


Please note: if the damage to the bin is not related to waste collection activities, then a delivery charge of £16 will be payable .

How to apply

Request a repair or replacement waste or recycling bin .

What happens next?

We will visit your property within 4-6 weeks. Where possible repairs will be carried out and if required the bin will be replaced. Please ensure the damaged bin is accessible at all times.

Please continue to use your bin in the meantime.

Request a bigger recycling bin

We provide a standard 180 litre bin to each household for recyclable waste.

However, if you are recycling correctly and find your recycling bins are regularly overflowing on collection day, you can apply for a bigger red lidded and/or yellow lidded recycling bin.

Please note: where there is an exchange of a 180 litre to a 240 litre bin no charge will be made. We will aim to deliver these as a priority within a week.

How to apply

Request bigger recycling bin

Please note: if you are putting incorrect items in your recycling bins, they may be removed by Waste Management. For a full list of correct items your can put in your recycling see What can I put in my recycling bins?

Request a bigger general waste bin

Due to service disruption their may be a delay on your request for a bigger general waste bin. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

We provide a standard 240 litre bin to each household for non recyclable waste.

Consider what you are putting in your general waste before applying for a bigger bin. Do you just need bigger recycling bins instead? You can apply for a bigger recycling bin if you are struggling to fit all of your recycling in your standard recycling bins.

However, if you are recycling correctly and are still struggling to fit all your waste in our standard bin, we may be able to provide you with a bigger 360 litre bin.

Please note: where there is an exchange of a 240 litre to a 360 litre bin no charge will be made.

How to apply

Request bigger general waste bin

What happens next?

A recycling officer will assess your request within two weeks of completing the form. This may involve a waste analysis.

You will not be issued a bigger bin if you are not recycling.

If you are issued with a bigger bin, you will be reviewed from time to time to see if you still require a bigger bin.


Label your bin

You are advised to clearly and neatly mark the front of your bin with your address. Place the bin out for collection no sooner than the evening prior to collection day and to return the bin to your property as soon as possible after collection has taken place.

Flats and communal bins

For flats, multi occupancy properties or where communal bins are provided, the residents or landlord will need to take a collective responsibility for the provision of the waste bins. The number of bins required will be assessed by a recycling officer and will be charged at a rate of £16 (including VAT) per container.

You must supply a wheeled bin

If you decline to pay for the supply of a wheeled bin you will be served with a Section 46 notice under the Environmental Protection Action 1990 and/or other relevant legislation.

The notice will require you to provide the necessary container for your waste and failure to comply may lead to a fixed penalty notice and/or prosecution.

Once a legal notice is served on a property collection of incorrectly presented waste (i.e. not in a suitable wheeled bin) will stop pending the supply of the necessary wheeled bin.

We will not empty resident-supplied bins which do not comply with our supply, design or safety requirements. Unsuitable bins may cause injury to staff and/or damage to the collection vehicle.

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