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Week 51 - 15.03.2024


Planning applications registered between 8 March 2024 and 15 March 2024.

Committee Call-in Deadline Date: Week 51 - 5 April 2024.

Application 06/2024/0152

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Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Land to the rear of, Green Man Inn, Silk Mill Lane, Preston, PR3 2LP

Proposal - Change of use of land for the siting of 5no. static caravans and 4no. touring pitches

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 13 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0180

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Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Manor House Farm, Button Street, Preston, PR3 2LE

Proposal - 1no. agricultural store

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 12 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0187

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Ward - Sharoe Green

Location - 10, Yewlands Crescent, Preston, PR2 9QS

Proposal - Certificate of lawfulness for proposed conversion of existing garage to habitable space including front extension

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 12 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0205

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Ward - Garrison

Location - 46 Rose Lea, Preston, PR2 9LB

Proposal - Certificate of lawfulness for proposed side garage

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 12 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0211

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Ward - Brookfield

Location - 16, Morris Crescent, Preston, PR2 6BN

Proposal - Front porch and replacement boundary treatment to front and side

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 11 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0229

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Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - 2, Tabley Lane, Preston, PR4 0LH

Proposal - Vehicular access from existing private drive onto Tabley Lane, incorporating an extended drive, a dropped kerb to the existing footpath, and partial removal of existing boundary fence and hedge

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 13 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0231

View application details for 06/2024/0231

Ward - City Centre

Location - Platform 3, Preston Railway Station, Fishergate, Preston

Proposal - Listed Building Consent for replacement refreshment kiosk

Case Officer - Megan Stewart on 8 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0234

View application details for 06/2024/0234

Ward - Lea & Larches

Location - 50, Hawthorn Crescent, Preston, PR2 1RD

Proposal - Certificate of lawfulness for proposed change of use from residential (Class C3) to residential children's home (Class C2)

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 12 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0238

View application details for 06/2024/0238

Ward - Cadley

Location - Harbour Lights, 11 Cantsfield Avenue, Preston, PR2 3UD

Proposal - Certificate of lawfulness for proposed single storey rear extension

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 4 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0240

View application details for 06/2024/0240

Ward - Deepdale

Location - The Unicorn, 378 North Road, Preston, PR1 1RU

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.6 (Site investigation) attached to planning permission 06/2019/0308

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 5 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0241

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Ward - Ashton

Location - The Space Centre 10, Pedders Lane, Preston, PR2 2TH

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.3 (Materials), no.4 (Resin bound gravel), no.5 (Invasive species), no.6 (Timber planters) and no.7 (Stone and brick materials) attached to planning permission 06/2022/1043

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 5 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0242

View application details for 06/2024/0242

Ward - Ribbleton

Location - Sir Tom Finney Community High School, Ribbleton Hall Drive, Preston, PR2 6EE

Proposal - New roof and extension to existing garage, including raising the height to accommodate a roller shutter

Case Officer - Megan Stewart on 13 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0243

View application details for 06/2024/0243

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Land to the east of Tabley Lane, Higher Bartle, Preston

Proposal - Discharge of planning obligation (Schedule 2 of s106) in relation to public open space attached to planning permission 06/2020/0050

Case Officer - Patrick Marfleet on 26 February 2024

Application 06/2024/0249

View application details for 06/2024/0249

Ward - Ribbleton

Location - Land at Red Scar Industrial Estate, Longridge Road, Preston, PR2 5NQ

Proposal - Amendment to planning permission 06/2018/1403 comprising of changes to approved site layout (non-material amendment not subject to consultation)

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 7 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0251

View application details for 06/2024/0251

Ward - Ashton

Location - Star Youth Club, 34 Tulketh Crescent, Preston, PR2 2RJ

Proposal - 12no. 1 bedroom apartments, 12no. 2 bedroom apartments with associated car parking, vehicular access off Francis Street with cycle and bin stores (pursuant to 06/2023/0191 to seek variation of condition no.1 approved plans)

Case Officer - Laura Holden on 13 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0254

View application details for 06/2024/0254

Ward - City Centre

Location - Unit 3, Greaves Street, Preston, PR1 3AG

Proposal - Prior notification for change of use of first floor from offices (Class E) to up to 5 residential units (Class C3)

Case Officer - Laura Holden on 15 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0260

View application details for 06/2024/0260

Ward - City Centre

Location - Land adjacent 33-39, Manchester Road, Preston, PR1 3YH

Proposal - Temporary carpark for two years (retrospective)

Case Officer - Megan Stewart on 11 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0264

View application details for 06/2024/0264

Ward - St Matthews

Location - Land to rear of Maitland House, Maitland Street, Preston, PR1 5XR

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.4 (Energy efficiency) attached to planning permission 06/2020/0365

Case Officer - Laura Holden on 11 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0274

View application details for 06/2024/0274

Ward - St Matthews

Location - St Ignatius Primary School, St Ignatius Square, Preston, PR1 1TT

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.3 (Window details) attached to listed building consent 06/2023/0795

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 13 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0276

View application details for 06/2024/0276

Ward - Ashton

Location - The Trident Centre, Port Way, Preston, PR2 2QA

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.15 (Surface water drainage) attached to planning permission 06/2021/1510

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 13 March 2024

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