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Week 50 - 08.03.2024


Planning applications registered between 01 March and 08 March 2024.

Committee Call-in Deadline Date: Week 50 - 29 March 2024.

Application 06/2024/0080

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Ward - Lea and Larches

Location - 8 Daisy Croft, Preston, PR2 1RU

Proposal - Single storey rear extension with roof lantern.

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 04 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0131

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Ward - Sharoe Green

Location - 17, Yewlands Crescent, Preston, PR2 9QS

Proposal - Rear dormer extension.

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 06 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0154

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Ward - Garrison

Location - 70, Higher Bank Road, Preston, PR2 8PH

Proposal - Single storey annexe extension, Installation of replacement windows, rooflights, replacement plain tiles to Welsh slates, reduce chimney stack height, solar panels, new boundary treatment to front, re-build front boundary, following demolition of existing pillars, and new gate.

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 07 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0160

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Ward - Deepdale

Location - 65-67 Great George Street, Preston, PR1 1TJ

Proposal - Change of use from garage (Class B2) to retail outlet (Class E)

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright- Bremner on 05 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0178

View application details for 06/2024/0178

Ward - Ribbleton

Location - 8-9 Rough Hey Place, Preston, PR2 5AR

Proposal - Extension to workshop following partial demolition of Oakfield House.

Case Officer - Laura Holden on 06 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0188

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Ward - Greyfriars

Location - 141, Black Bull Lane, Preston, PR2 3PD

Proposal - Two storey side and single storey side and rear extensions.

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 29 February 2024

Application 06/2024/0189

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Ward - St Matthews

Location - 65 New Hall Lane, Preston, PR1 5NY

Proposal - Single storey rear extension and internal alterations.

Case Officer - Megan Stewart on 01 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0191

View application details for 06/2024/0191

Ward - Garrison

Location - 37, Fulwood Hall Lane, Preston, PR2 8DB

Proposal - Two storey extension to side and rear, porch to front, replacement windows, replacement render, and fence to front garden following demolition of single storey rear extension.

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 04 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0199

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Ward - St Matthews

Location - 65 Ribbleton Avenue, Preston, PR1 5RX

Proposal - Single storey side extension, garage conversion to granny flat, extension of boundary wall and new gate to side following removal of metal gate.

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 04 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0201

View application details for 06/2024/0201

Ward - Garrison

Location - 118, Victoria Road, Preston, PR2 8NQ

Proposal - Outbuilding to rear.

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 04 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0203

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Ward - Ashton

Location - The Trident Centre, Port Way, Preston, PR2 2QA

Proposal - Erection of 2 no. retail units (Class E(a)), creation of new vehicular access onto Channel Way, internal vehicular access road, car parking, servicing area, external lighting, electricity substation, hard and soft landscaping following demolition of existing buildings and structures (pursuant to 06/2021/1510 to seek variation of condition no.1 approved plans and no.34 sales area).

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 01 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0204

View application details for 06/2024/0204

Ward - Ashton

Location - Unit B, Trident Centre, Port Way, Preston, PR2 2QA

Proposal - 3no. internally illuminated fascia signs.

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 05 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0210

View application details for 06/2024/0210

Ward - Greyfriars

Location - 24 Broadway, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 9TH

Proposal - Single storey side and rear extension.

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 29 February 2024

Application 06/2024/0212

View application details for 06/2024/0212

Ward - Sharoe Green

Location - 67 Fairways, Preston, PR2 8FY

Proposal - Single storey garage/storage to front.

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 29 February 2024

Application 06/2024/0214

View application details for 06/2024/0214

Ward - City Centre

Location - Foresters Hall, Great Shaw Street, Preston, PR1 2HH

Proposal - Outline planning application seeking approval for access, appearance, scale and layout for a 21 storey building comprising of 299 new studios/apartments with ancillary communal facilities, car and bicycle parking following demolition of the existing building (pursuant to 06/2018/0072 to seek variation of the wording to conditions no.1, 9, 13, 15, 16 and 17 and remove condition no.6.

Case Officer - Patrick Marfleet on 29 February 2024

Application 06/2024/0215

View application details for 06/2024/0215

Ward - Ingol and Cottam

Location - Orchard Cottage, Miller Lane, Cottam, Preston, PR4 0ND

Proposal - Overall reduction of up to 2 metres of 1 new Oak tree (T1) and 2no. Sycamore trees (T2 and T4).

Case Officer - Dawn Wilson on 28 February 2024

Application 06/2024/0216

View application details for 06/2024/0216

Ward - Greyfriars

Location - 229, Garstang Road, Preston, PR2 8XE

Proposal - Widening of vehicular access and entrance gates.

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 29 February 2024

Application 06/2024/0217

View application details for 06/2024/0217

Ward - Garrison

Location - 17D, Lower Bank Road, Preston, PR2 8NS

Proposal - Remove annual growth of 1 new Apple tree and fell and remove 4 new Conifer trees

Case Officer - Dawn Wilson on 04 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0218

View application details for 06/2024/0218

Ward - Ashton

Location - The Spinney 50, Egerton Road, Preston, PR2 1AL

Proposal - Certificate of Lawfulness for proposed use of property as a care home (Class C2) for 3 new young persons.

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright- Bremner on 28 February 2024

Application 06/2024/0220

View application details for 06/2024/0220

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Moorside Cottage, Moorside Lane, Preston, PR4 0TB

Proposal - Extension and external alterations to garden room/store to provide additional family accommodation.

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 06 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0221

View application details for 06/2024/0221

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Oak Tree Farm, Inglewhite Road, Preston, PR3 2EB

Proposal - Prior notification submission for 1no. agricultural storage building.

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright- Bremner on 29 February 2024

Application 06/2024/0226

View application details for 06/2024/0226

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Land to the west of Sandy Lane, Cottam, Preston

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.5 (Waste storage) attached to reserved matters approval 06/2023/0587.

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 01 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0230

View application details for 06/2024/0230

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - Land adjacent to Slaters Barn, Whittingham Lane, Goosnargh, Preston, PR3 2JJ

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.3 (Drainage), no.4 (Construction environmental management plan biodiversity), no.5 (Landscaping) and no.7 (Habitat management plan) attached to planning permission 06/2023/1037.

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright- Bremner on 04 March 2024

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