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Julie Yates

Group of people with coronavirus germ

COVID-19 vaccination explainer videos - Julie Yates

Julie Yates is the lead public health consultant for Screening and Immunisation for the South West of England for NHS England and Improvement.

View COVID-19 vaccine explainer videos on YouTube by- Julie Yates

How is everyone working together to roll out the vaccine to the population?

In this video Julie explains how the NHS uses tried and tested methods to roll out the vaccines to people where they are and gives an insight into how they work with teams to deliver the vaccines in various settings.

You can find out more about the COVID-19 vaccination programme by visiting GOV.UK - Covid-19 Vaccination Programme.

How are we working with experts to create training for the vaccine workforce?

This video explains how experts in Public Health England have worked with the NHS to develop E-Learning packages and online slide sets and guidance for immunisers showing how to administer the vaccines.

To find out more visit GOV.UK - COVID-19 Training Resources.

How does the JCVI decide and implement who gets the vaccine?

This video explains how the JCVI decides how those at highest risk of disease and death are prioritised and how implementation is important to address inequalities.

Considering the wider determinants of health when rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine

This video gives an insight into the work of the programme planning.

The JCVI, PHE and the NHS have been developing plans that consider the evidence of contributing risk factors, include age and the impact of other diseases a person may have, as well as occupational and other socio-economic risk factors contributing to the severity of COVID-19 disease and/or risk of death. They then work back to deliver the programme in a way that protects those most at risk first and therefore reduce some of these potential health inequalities.

COVID-19 vaccination - an unprecedented programme driven by experience

This video reflects on the partnerships. Julie discusses the great experience that PHE and the NHS have in implementing successful vaccination programmes.

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