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Dr. Kevin Brown

Coronavirus germ

COVID-19 vaccination explainer videos - Dr. Kevin Brown

Dr. Kevin Brown is a consultant medical virologist working at Public Health England. His area of expertise is in vaccine-preventable viral infections and he has been a virologist for more than 30 years.

For more information on the COVID-19 vaccination, visit NHS - Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

View COVID-19 vaccine explainer videos on YouTube by- Doctor Kevin Brown

How do viral vaccines work

What is an mRNA vaccine and how does it work?

In this video he explains how mRNA vaccines help our bodies to produce antibodies which protect us.

Can the mRNA inside the vaccine change people's DNA or affect their fertility?

This video explains why messenger RNA is safe, how it works and how it leaves the body as a waste product.

It provides important reassurance about the vaccine's safety and that it cannot affect current or future fertility in women or men.

What is an mRNA vaccine and how does it work?

This short video explains why messenger RNA is safe and how it degrades and is disposed of by the body.

You can read more about the COVID-19 vaccine at GOV.UK - vaccination guide for adults.

How does the Oxford / Astra Zeneca vaccine work?

This short video explains how the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine works and how it uses an adenovirus with its genetic code removed.

Can the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine give me COVID-19 infection?

This short video explains how the new development of a COVID-19 vaccine relies on the expertise developed when creating the Ebola vaccine and why it is very safe and cannot cause COVID-19 infection, providing important reassurance.

Why do the COVID-19 vaccines focus on the spike protein?

The most important part of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is the spike protein. This video explains why the COVID-19 vaccines are so effective because they specifically target this protein.

What does the data show so far?

This video explains the data we have which shows that both vaccines provide good protection against COVID-19 disease.

We are not yet clear about how long the protection lasts and we do not know if the vaccines can prevent you from catching and passing on the COVID-19 infection without having symptoms.

We are continuously monitoring the vaccines and the protection. We hope to know more soon. The video also talks about the advantages of the mRNA vaccines and the future adenovector vaccines that might be available soon.

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