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Dr Wei Shen Lim

Medical cross in supportive hands

COVID-19 vaccination explainer videos - Dr. Wei Shen Lim

Dr. Wei Shen Lim is a chest physician and chair of the COVID-19 Immunisation for the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, also known as the JCVI.

The (JCVI) is a standing statutory body that advises the UK health department on vaccination and prevention of illness. In terms of COVID-19 pandemic response (JCVI) offers recommendations and advice to the Secretary of state with regards to who would be prioritised for vaccination.

To read about the risk factors and prioritisation of the COVID vaccination visit GOV.UK - Priority groups for coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination: advice from the JCVI, 30 December 2020.

You can find out more about the COVID-19 vaccination at GOV.UK - COVID-19: the green book, chapter 14a and the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

View COVID-19 vaccine explainer videos on YouTube by- Doctor Wei Shen Lim

Why should social care staff in all settings and care home workers have the vaccine?

Does having the COVID-19 vaccine mean we can change the way we work during the pandemic?

This video is for health and social care staff and explains why despite having the vaccine, it is most important to understand that we can still transmit the disease. This means that we need to maintain all our infection prevention and control measures such as wearing PPE and continue following national guidance to remain protected.

You can read on GOV.UK - COVID-19 vaccination: guide for healthcare workers and GOV.UK - COVID-19 vaccination: a guide for social care staff.

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