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Compliance in businesses - COVID-19

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This page offers an overview of the work the Environmental Health Team is undertaking to help businesses to understand and comply with the various coronavirus restrictions upon them.

We regularly liaise with our partners at Lancashire Police and Lancashire County Council to discuss application of the restrictions locally, to undertake joint visits to premises, and to discuss any issues with individual premises.

We carry out our activities in a way that supports our regulated customers. We look at the financial impact on businesses when we are considering enforcement action.

Our approach to engaging with businesses helps us to ensure decision making is accountable and transparent. During the period of National Emergency it may be appropriate to take a robust approach to enforcement where egregious breaches or persistent non-compliance is found.  Visit how Environmental Health regulate for detailed guidance.


We regularly update our business web pages with the latest restrictions affecting Preston and advice on achieving compliance. We also produce a number of posters that businesses can display to aide them with compliance.

Covid Marshals

Two Covid Marshals now interact with members of the public in the town centre and other busy shopping districts, offering advice to members of the public and businesses.

Service Requests

The Commercial Regulatory Services Team have been dealing with an unprecedented number of service requests. Service requests include businesses asking for advice as well as reports of non-compliance from members of the public & employees.

View the numbers and types of service requests we have received


When restrictions alter we regularly sent out advice via e-mail to those premises that have up to date e-mail addresses.

View the numbers and types of mailshot we have issued

Visits to Premises 

Compliance visits are routinely undertaken by Officers throughout the working day and during evenings and weekends. Visits are undertaken proactively and in response to complaints. 

View the number of premises we have visited


The Council and its partners, Lancashire Police and Lancashire County Council, have been given a number of enforcement powers to use where egregious breaches or persistent non-compliance is found. This includes, Prohibition (closure) Notices, Fixed Penalty Notices, Improvement Notices, Directions and prosecution.

Notices are served on individuals in relation to breaches identified at the premises during a visit by officers.

Current fixed penalty amounts

  • First offence - £1,000
  • Second offence - £2,000
  • Third offence - £4,000
  • Fourth offence - £10,000

In calculating previous offences consideration is given to all previous Fixed Penalty Notices issued under all coronavirus legislation.

Directions are only issued where the authorities determine that a serious and imminent threat to public health exists. Environmental Health provide information to Lancashire County Council who issue the Notices. 

We publish the formal enforcement actions taken by Preston City Council and Lancashire County Council, and in partnership with Lancashire Police, to secure compliance with Covid-19 restrictions by businesses in Preston.

View the enforcement actions we have taken

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