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The Faith Covenant

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Preston City Council is committed to welcome the involvement of faith groups in shaping and delivering services and social action on an equal basis with other groups.

Respect those of differing beliefs and faith traditions and work together for the common good.

What is the Faith Covenant?

The Faith Covenant is a joint commitment between faith communities and local authorities to a set of principles that guide engagement, aiming to remove some of the mistrust that exists and to promote open, practical working on all levels.

The Council and Faith Groups are committed to the following commitments.

The official Icon for pdf Faith Covenant declaration [1.47MB] can be downloaded here.

We are committed to

  • Building relationships and trust with faith groups on common agendas
  • Adopting strategies for the engagement of faith communities in consultation exercises
  • Encouraging faith groups and their members to be involved in the reshaping and redesign of local services
  • Establishing clear guidelines for partnership and identifying sources of potential funding
  • Sharing training and learning opportunities between faith communities and the Council
  • Invite Faith Groups to take an active role in civic events to reflect the diversity of the city
  • Faith-based organisations who sign up to this Covenant commit to work actively with Preston City Council in the design and delivery of services to the public and their communities

Faith groups commit to

  • Seeking opportunities to bring people together to serve and empower the community, particularly its poorest and most isolated members
  • Serving equally all local residents seeking to access the social action public services they offer
  • Ensuring good governance is in place, with excellence in child protection, support for vulnerable people, health and safety, accountability and transparency
  • Responding to consultations where appropriate
  • Sharing training and learning opportunities between faith communities and the local authority

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