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Noise nuisance

Speaker with sound waves coming out

We can investigate noise nuisances on your behalf and if necessary take action against the person/s causing the nuisance.

Types of noise nuisance

Noise nuisance includes:

  • loud music
  • dogs barking
  • noise from pubs and clubs
  • car and intruder alarms
  • industrial noise (e.g. factory/workshop)
  • commercial noise (e.g. shop/restaurant)
  • open space (e.g. playground)
  • construction site noise

* we do not have powers to deal with aircraft, railway and road traffic noise.

To be a nuisance the following is considered:

  • disturbance (e.g. by preventing you sleeping)
  • loudness
  • length of time
  • occurrence
  • time of day
  • type of noise
  • locality (e.g. town / countryside)

How to tackle noise nuisance

1. Talk to your neighbour

Try and sort the issue out with the person causing the noise first.

Many people we approach ask why their neighbours did not speak to them directly, as they were unaware of any problem they may be causing.

2. Report it to us

If after speaking to your neighbour you need further help from us to resolve the issue please complete our online form:

Report a noise nuisance

Out of hours reporting service

We operate between the hours of:

  • Sunday - Thursday: 7pm - 1am
  • Friday - Saturday: 7pm - 2am

Call: 01772 794728.

What happens next?

You will be sent a noise nuisance diary (PDF) [91KB] to support your allegations. For an example and how to complete it see  completing a noise nuisance diary (PDF) [54KB] .

If we feel there is a case to investigate we will:

1. Attempt to witness a noise nuisance or alternatively install monitoring equipment in your premises.

2. Write to the person causing the disturbance asking that they reduce the noise.

If after witnessing the noise we are satisfied that a nuisance is occurring, we will serve an Abatement Notice on the person(s) causing the nuisance.

Failure to comply with the notice will normally result in us obtaining a warrant and seizing music equipment from the premises and/or prosecution.

Take your own action

If you would like to take your own action, please visit our how to take your own legal action to deal with a noise nuisance page.

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